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Have you had Pau Bhaji???

Added: Monday, February 17th 2020 at 7:48pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: food


It is no secret that I will eat anything at any time and there are very few foods I won’t eat a second time. Up until now the only item that would fit in the ‘won’t eat again’ is oyster plant also known as salsify, the root used as a vegetable. I ate that in 1967 when I joined Weight Watchers and now 53 years later I have found a second that joins Oyster pant! PAU BHAJI is defined on the box cover as “The original fast food of Mumbai it literally means bread and mixed vegetables. The ‘bhaji’ is mixed vegetables in a medley of spices and herbs cooked to perfection in large pats of butter and garnished with coarsely fresh coriander leaves and diced onions. All I know is that I tasted red chilies--loads of them--capsicum, peppers--loads of them--garlic and, yes, loads it! This version of Pau Bhaji was one of the spiciest dishes I have ever had and I kept on eating hoping for something but I don’t know what! I can honestly say that Pau Bhaji is the WORST dish Iever had! (So why did I eat it all?)

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