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Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Added: Thursday, November 26th 2020 at 3:25pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: life

Thanksgiving sundown--after dinner!

User Comments

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.


A beautiful day weatherwise, a great dinner and a new surprise dessert--fudge pretzle cake with melted chocolate on top!!

It was windy here today and will get in the 30s tonight.  

Don't think I've heard of a pretzle cake before.

Yesterday it was bacon on everything--the day before Kale and now it is pretzles!!!

Such a beautiful setting and that dessert sounds delish, mmmm!  Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

There's something about date stamping on photographs.

It is the photographer's choice!

Lovely pictures. Did you take them Martin?

Yes--I am always taking pictures!!

Its a great hobby/art.

Some day I'll get a good camera!! LOL

Happy Thanksgiving Sunday Martin.

It is a perfect Sunday--though 'cold wave' coming Monday night through Tuesday evenings!!

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