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Hang in there--only 5 more to go! :O)

Added: Monday, December 2nd 2019 at 1:44pm by greatmartin
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14th Leap Year Birthday February 29, 1992 South Florida

I had a 2 bedroom ground floor apartment right off Sunrise Boulevard which made the location convenient for everyone and not having much money I decided to have my birthday party sort of an open house from 1PM to 9PM. I had sent out 80 invitations and I’ve tried to count how many people came but not quite sure as a lot of the invitations were to people out of town that I knew couldn’t/wouldn’t come. I do know that I received 4 cakes as presents!

The biggest surprise was that Mark Covington came in from Santa Fe. He stayed for a week and we went out every evening for dinner including one of my favorite restaurants, The Ark, which will be talked about for the next birthday.


One of my favorite gifts was a handmade “A Chorus Line” hat with a framed, in aluminum foil, “A Chorus Line” poster. I still have the latter but when I had birds a few years later they chewed the frame to tatters.

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