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fangio821 scenefromtheleft

Getting ready for 2021! :O)

Added: Tuesday, November 24th 2020 at 1:21pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: houseplants

One has to plan for the future and though I do it all year round I started last year by snapping a few clippings off the mother plant which I had for a couple of decades now. What was usually (and so-called when I bought it) referred to as a Christmas Cactus now seems to bloom all year round but especially at holidays.

And about 12 years ago Leap Year became officially a holiday for the plant as it started to have buds the first week of February and was in full bloom by February 29th!

The original plant only had pink blossoms but the past few years there have been white blooms mixed in with them!

I am adding 'instructions' as to how to propagate the cactus but I must admit I just snap them off, stick in the dirt in the pot and everything works out fine. Let's see how the twins do by November 2021!!

User Comments

You've had the same plant for a couple of decades? Gracious! Most plants wouldn't last a couple of days with me. 

And all I do is water them once a week and 3 times a year give them a food spike I buy at The Dollar Tree!

Planning for November 2021 already......even I don't plan ahead that far.....LOL

I am already planning for my February 29 2024 birthday with and without restrictions!!

Love them

I do too--just wish they had an aroma!! :O)

that would be a bonus!!!

I want everything!!! :O)

Oh bring it on - 2020 was the worst year ever. 

I woke up every morning--so far--so I ain't complaining!!!

HJappy Thanksgiving---and just make note I eat all leftovers!!

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