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Finally! (And a rant!)

Added: Tuesday, July 7th 2020 at 3:04pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: life, health

In order to live in the Gateway Terrace apartments, you have to be 62 plus (though there are a couple of exceptions). I believe there are 260 apartments mostly 1 person per apartment except for the 2 bedroom apartments for married couples. (Now that I have never understood--are they so sick of each other by the time they have been married 30+ years they need separate apartments?!! LOL)  The total of people living here is about 300 with 99% over 60 with a lot in their 70s, 80s, a few in their 90s so when the CORVID-19 virus came along the immediate thought was how long before someone here gets it.

2 weeks ago we got a notice that 'someone' had the virus and they---whoever 'they' may be--was in quarantine in their apartment by doctor's orders. Needless to say the rumors started on who and where the virus was! Supposedly it is against the law to tell anyone who is not a family member if someone is sick, has the virus.  Whether it is or isn't we weren't being told.

Last week we got another notice that 'several more persons' in Gateway tested positive. My immediate thought was for management to arrange people who live at Gateway tested. Though there are places to be tested most are drive-through and many don't have cars plus those places you can walk to are out of reach as public transportation is not readily available.  Most had the requirement that you had to have symptoms of the virus so our thought was "Sure, get the virus first, go to the hospital and die" so many here were unhappy.

Finally today we got the notice that on Friday testing will be done between 8:30 AM to 11 AM (which you know doesn't thrill me but......). That's a small-time frame for 300 people if all show but who cares as long as we get tested! Or will we??? Okay, okay, no negativism here---I'll get up at 8:30 AM.  Of course, it seems many people who have had the test say it takes 2-3 weeks to get the results (coincidence? The problem is being talked about right now on the TV news with the laboratories not having the capacity for all the people being tested) while others say it only says you don't have the virus that day.

Bottom line? I am getting up early (so if I am grumpy you know why) getting tested and will wait for results to know if I have the virus, had the virus or maybe, am symptomatic. Whatever the results I will be happier getting it.

40 years ago I wasn't concerned about having AIDS because I had a lot more control of whether I had and/or would get it. COVID-19 is another story as a lot is still not known about it and a mask is not a condom but why a man won't wear a condom is as puzzling as to why a person won't wear a mask if it will help someone else! We don't have a vaccine for AIDS nor one for cancer so why does anyone think a vaccine is around the corner for COVID-19???

User Comments

Are they going door-to-door to test or do you all have to gather some where for it?

Here they open it up to anyone to get tested awhile back.

They are giving the tests in the community room and unless they give appointment times it will be a mess!! LOL

If you plan ahead, you can sell masks/gloves/hand sanitizer to those in line and make a profit. {#basic-wink.gif}

A Good Rant

I raelly don't have much to rant about in my life so when I do I write it down and get on to better things! :O)

 as puzzling as to why a person won't wear a mask if it will help someone else!

The person not wearing a mask is not fulfilling what you deem to be his obligation. Whether he's 'taking care of #1' is a different matter.

According to 'him' he is!!

I agree, anybody who doesn't wear a mask is beyond understanding for me.  I would no more go out in a crowd and not wear one than i would try to walk on water...and i resent people getting close to me not wearing one.  I immediately move as far away as I can get.

But sadly, rude people you can't do anything about.  So, the option is to avoid it by distancing oneself.  I would hope they at least keep each person 6 feet from every other person in line or they are just asking for more cases.

And it seems people who don't wear masks are very aggressively angry!!

Yeah, how dare we ask that they don't risk infecting us. Who do we think we are. {#basic-cool.gif}

I had a test for Covid 19 a couple of weeks ago.  Test kit came through the post.  Carried out the test on Sunday evening and it was collected by the postman the following morning.  (Monday)

Tuesday afternoon I got a text on my mobile telling me I was clear.  Simple really.

Yes but that doesn't mean you are clear today!

Very true.  It's why we are both keeping indoors most of the time.  The only time we go outside is to walk the dogs.

I got tested this morning--fast and easy--now waiting for the results which can take days!!

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