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Added: Thursday, January 14th 2021 at 7:37am by greatmartin
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Look at the date and time on the upper left hand corner in the left picture and then the right!

It wasn't this cold during the Ice Age when I was born in Fort Lauderdale!! Now this would qualify as a cold wave in South Florida yesterday or could it be the definition on Fake News?

I may have to go to Tennessee, New Hampshire, Maine or Rhode Island to warm up or even better to New Zealand or Australia where it is summer!

User Comments

One of these is definitely wrong.  

I didn't realize until after I posted it that the -20 was Celsius which The Weather Channel usually doesn't use in the USA!

The left one is for the Canadian snowbirds, sneaking early doses of vaccine.

Been quite a few of them!

Is it metric? I see those figures 72 and think wow doesn't fuel ignite at those temperatures?

Come to metric land it's nice here we have cocktails and nibbles!

22c is 72ish f {#giggle.gif}

The 72 is Fahrenheit and the -20 Celsius!!

Oh right, yeah not keen on anything under 25c :o

We had some 70s this week and I don't like it. It's winter and I want cold weather.

Never thought of it before, but you live in FL, FL {#basic-laugh.gif}

You are not allowing comments on your posts now!?!?!? WELL!!!

Whoops, forgot I had comments turned off.

I fixed that, thanks for mentioning it.

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