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Don't know whether to laugh or cry!!

Added: Wednesday, March 25th 2020 at 12:06pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: politics

(Sorry--don't know what I am doing or did wrong--to see each copy and paste URL--it takes 2 seconds and worth it!)


Trump's Bible study teacher says coronavirus was caused by gays & environmentalists




Virus-fueled panic results in sales spike of guns and ammo







White supremacists are trying to give Jews coronavirus while Trump supporters take aim at Italians


User Comments

Stupid people are more dangerous then any virus.

And there are so many of them!! (Stupid people that is LOL)

The FBI today stopped a Car Bombing in Missouri today!!  I am shocked that it has not been all over the media!!!!{#basic-angry.gif}{#basic-angry.gif}

We just got the  "Shelter in Place" and "Everyone is on lockdown" notice and buying of firearms went up 240% in Fort Lauderdale!

Wow!!!!  {#basic-ohsnap.gif}{#basic-ohsnap.gif}{#basic-ohsnap.gif}

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