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Don't drink the water--in Fort Lauderdale!!

Added: Sunday, July 21st 2019 at 12:37pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: life
Water, water everywhere without a drop to drink!

Thursday morning I received an alert message, not only on my phone but also on my Internet email, stating that Fort Lauderdale and a few surrounding cities had contaminated water due to a company busting an old 42" water pipe and due to old safety valves the water was not transmitted to safe water pipes and so:

Tap water should not be used for drinking, making ice, preparing foods, washing dishes, brushing teeth, taking showers, etc. Before using be sure to boil water for a minute to eliminate bacteria or other organisms.

"They" said this should be fixed within 36-48 hours and here is it 88 hours later and the warning is still in effect. At least the water is still running!

It being hurricane season many people had bottled water in their homes just in case but it seems the majority didn't as stories below talk about.

On Thursday Allen and I went on to do our regular Thursday chores only this time we had his daughter who was here on vacation joined us and we decided to eat lunch in a 'nice' place but many restaurants weren't open because they didn't have water to cook, clean or to serve to customers. Just think about all the businesses that depend on water--clean, germ free water--and imagine the loss businesses will take not to forget employees! We finally found a restaurant that was open but I still think they used the tap water to make that awful lemonade I had and all the dirty tables! (See my post about Vale Food Co.) It took a couple of days for restaurants, hotels, etc., were able to reopen.

Needless to say that any place selling water was immediately cleaned out by panicked customers!

I lucked out that I had bottled water supplies in case of a hurricane but I got a bonus in that my neighbor orders bottled water and last week they sent him double the amount he usually gets so he gave me a case of 24 bottles, each bottle holding 18 ounces and he has 12 more cases if I need some!

"They are testing the water again today and we are waiting to hear the results meanwhile having a heat wave like the rest of the country (but not as bad and at this time of the year we expect it and know how to deal with it).

Meanwhile I have Allen's car to get out and enjoy a beautiful sunny day in Fort Lauderdale with water all around---only not to drink!!

For the story!

220,000 In Fort Lauderdale Urged To Boil Water Through Sunday



User Comments

Scary when you think something as basic as running water can't be used safely.

Aren't they also having ocean water problems up and down the coast too? I thought it'd been catching some headlines like that.

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