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Di Valles Cucina Italiana & Wine Bar Fort Lauderdale

Added: Friday, October 15th 2021 at 11:34am by greatmartin
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After discovering the 22 year old gem Ferdo's I figured that would be it for the year but within a month we found another gem called Di Valle's. On the small side it looked romantic even in the afternoon light!
I have been looking for a good, old fashioned Shrimp Scampi for awhile now and after 4 different restaurants I had given up. One place breaded the shrimp, another put it in a heavy sauce and I still haven't figured out how the other place made it.
As Keyrl, the server, put the bread and bruschetta down in front of us---which by the way was perfect with the outside of the the bread crunchy and the inside soft--I told her I was sort of hoping I would find Scampi on the menu and without hesitation said the chef could make it. He did and it was excellent with a very good garlic and oil sauce and 6 large shrimp on a bed of linguini that melted in my mouth as I took bite after bite!
Allen ordered the Stuffed Spinach Ravioli which they didn't have and the chef offered the Stuffed Lobster Ravioli instead, at the same price. Allen's complaint wasn't about the ravioli but that there weren't enough of them so he made it up by eating more of the bread!
We had a groupon so the check came out to about $20 each with tax and tip, which is average for lunch in COVID days!
The service and food was excellent, the surroundings pleasant and now that Nabu has closed the huge parking lot is more than adequate.

User Comments

$20 for lunch is like what McDonalds charges these days for food.

Allen constantly complains about McDonald's prices going up!!

I paid that much for a south of the border plate to go last week and I think the chili's rellenos were heated from frozen. What made it seem like a romantic place?

Low light reflecting off all the wine bottles scattered around the small room!

Oh and there's never enough lobster raviolis. Yum!

The sauce was delicious---great for soaking up with the bread!

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