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"Cry Macho"--movie theatre review

Controversial Content
Added: Friday, September 17th 2021 at 8:44pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: entertainment

The choices of our Friday movie was either "The Eyes Of Tammy Faye" or "Cry Macho" and Allen picked the latter.
Let me say up front that I neither like Clint Eastwood and/or Westerns but I am game for anything. The movie is about Mike Milo (Eastwood) whose rodeo career was cut short by a horse throwing him and though he doesn't show any physical injuries it ended that which happened after his wife and child dies--if they gave a reason I didn't hear it--and he seems to have had a battle with booze.
A year after he is fired his ex-boss sends him on  a mission to bring his son back, who he hasn't seen since the kid was 6 and has been living with his ex-wife in Mexico.
It seems the boy is more or less a juvenile delinquent who enters cock fights with his rooster Macho Man and when  Mike finds him and convinces his father wants to see him we more or less go on a road trip with the ex-wife sending a couple of men after them.
The film isn't bad but doesn't bring anything new to the screen and, with all due respect to Eastwood at 91, he should stick to directing and leave the acting to younger men, especially if he is going to have a love story in the film. The age factor does throw the screenplay off track now and then, particularly the flirting scenes between him and Natalie Traven as his love interest and the vamping scenes of Fernanda Urrejola as the mother and ex-wife.
Aside from playing in the movie theatre it is also streaming on HBO MAX and that may account for the Tammy Faye movie having a much larger audience, including Oscar talk regarding Jessica Chastain's performance and not that much word of mouth about "Cry Macho".

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