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hillmate MarissaG scenefromtheleft


Added: Friday, August 5th 2022 at 4:53pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: entertainment

This is the newest, and latest, entry into my list of 5 top bad movies I have ever seen in over 80 years of moving going! This might make your top best list of movies if you love blood, lots of blood, violence, blood, all kinds of fights with guns, fists, blood, swords knives, heads, feet, arms, blood, violence, bodies, blood spurting from necks, cheeks, arms, eyes--oh yes, did I mention violence and blood? Plenty of violence and blood?

Along with all that I guess I should also mention the special effects which are ongoing because most of this blood and violence takes place on the Japanese bullet train between Tokyo and Kyoto with fights (and blood spilling) in the train, on the train, in the train cars, the train seats, the train doors and all nooks and crannies that any part of the body can fit!

On the positive side (apart from not getting any blood on me or being kicked in the crouch!) are the stars and many unannounced surprise actors plus an erratic soundtrack---Brad Pitt walking to the music of "Staying Alive"?--and the 'sad' attempt at satire and references to other movies of this ilk. Unfortunately the stars and guest actors are misused and, yes, we get it, Brad Pitt is not just a pretty face.

It looks like movies like "Bullet Train" with all the violence, fights, blood and special effects is what fills the big screen these days while the gems are being shown on streaming stations.

Let me just end with that I would love to have had the 'blood' concession on this movie plus if you want to get bored for 2+ hours and spend--like we did--$11 for an afternoon senior ticket--this is the movie you want to see.

PS Did I mention the massive scenes of blood and violence??

User Comments

If I see it, it would be in the afternoon with cheaper rates and only for Brad Pitt...not for the blood.

This was the afternoon--with senior rates!

I've been seeing ads for it and thought it was a comedy, I take it that it's not.

It looks stupid by the previews, but I didn't care for the 70s era Silver Streak movie or the worse short lived Super Train TV show.

Didn't see either of those!  We went to see this because I am starting to become addicted to streaming shows and I wanted to go to a theatre!! ARGH!

You made me laugh so much just from reading this blog.  I don't mind watching these type of movies but because there is so much blood coming out of the woodwork, I think I'll pass. {#basic-ohsnap.gif}

'out of the woodwork'???? It is coming out of every part af the humans but the woodwork was clean!

Hahaha!  😆

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