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Birds, flowers and rain!

Added: Monday, September 20th 2021 at 2:30pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: mother nature

 (Sorry--the collage won't post!)

It's no secret that I love Mother Nature and she never ceases to amaze me.  From now until November we will have rain, usually early morning and evening, with sun in-between. All I have to do when I wake up in the morning (well, late morning) is look out the window and I know 1) if we had rain and 2) if it was heavy or light. If you look at the lower right picture with the 2 birds and the picture on the second row, second left, with the one bird you know we had a sun shower, a light rain while the other pictures (you can only see 3 of the flock in the second picture on the right) we had a heavy rain--a rain heavy enough for the birds to walk and peck at the worms, seeds and insects that the rain has brought up.  Oh, yes, the puddle the 3 birds are walking, and eating, across, which is out my front window, also lets me know it was a heavy rain!

Then there are the flowers! Indoors I always have blooms whether it is gardenias, geraniums, holiday cactus or Cuban yellows.  The Cuban flowers are very easy to grow as I originally started with a small branch I took off  an outdoor plant and since then, taking little bits of the 'mother' plant I now have 6 plants throughout the apartment that are constantly blooming. Sadly the bloom only lasts a day and has no aroma but they always add a little sunshine to my place.

Last, but certainly not last, I mentioned the orchid in the tree outside my rear window that has bloomed again a year later. It tells us it is Autumn every year right on time. It is a deep purple but today when I went outside I noticed a white bloom on the lower side which hasn't been there before so I am keeping an eye on it--to see if it is a new plant, an offshoot of the old plant or??????????

User Comments

pretty scenery.

i LOVE where I live!!

Amazing, I get weeds growing in weird places and you get flowers. Life stinks....LOL

I bribe Mother Nature!!

Orchids growing wild....that's amazing. I would like the rain but honestly the warm temperatures are not my cup of tea and certainly not the humidity but all that sure does grow nice things and I know you thrive in the heat so you are one of the nice Floridian transplants. 

But when you think of it most people spend every little time outdoors!!

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