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Beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Added: Tuesday, February 18th 2020 at 1:43pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: mother nature

Looking out my window at the canal I saw this big shadow on the water so I grabbed my camera and went downstairs and there is --one of the many Manatees that inhabit the stretch of water from Karen Bay (AKA The Point) to the bridge right outside our complex that goes into Sunset Key with their million-dollar homes!

The Manatees come in our winter for the warm waters to enlarge their families and sometimes you will see a group of them with their calves but I usually only see one as a sort of look out for the rest--or I like to think so!

If you want to read more about them--I didn't know they were related to elephants!--just go here   https://tinyurl.com/tvrmggy

Our weather person--Bette Davis--gave a good report for this week and now I am waiting for her report for February 29!


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Hope none of those boats go wild through there and hurt any them.

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