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fangio821 MisterCox

And it all happens in one day!

Added: Monday, June 29th 2020 at 8:25pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: life

Sad, glad, mad and funny all in one day at Gateway!

1) Sad--Biscuit was an old dog and one of the sweetest you will ever see/meet. She was an unofficial mascot to everyone but she had a good life and was a longtime companion to Richard.

2) Funny--Don't know if you can read it but due to the epidemic there won't be the usual 4th of July celebration in/at the Community Room and the BBQ burgers and hot dogs so they are taking your order now to have 1 or the other with 'accompanying sides' delivered to 'your door'!

3) Mad/sad--It finally happened though it was expected way before this and may have happened but now it was announced.  "Someone at the property (Gateway) has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus..." but we aren't being told who, which seems to me to be the wrong thing to do. We should know who the person is so we can be aware if we had contact with them or not.

4) Glad--just look at that scene and it says it all.

By the way, I haven't seen any sign of the Sahara Dust we are supposed to be getting--the sun is clear as is the air.

User Comments

Hope Biscuit went peacefully.

She did--a big dog but as gentle as could be.

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