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hillmate sfeastbay

An Octogenarian Leap Year Baby-- I love it!

Added: Sunday, October 20th 2019 at 12:25pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: life

We all have many titles during life and I have reached the pinnacle, for me, an octogenarian Leap Year Baby--bet you don't know many of those, if any!

Though at 80/20 years old I began feeling the getting old pains I really can't/won't complain as most occur getting up and out of bed while the rest of the day isn't that bad. The only impediment that interferes with my life is the Peripheral Artery Disease I have which makes walking any distance more than 2 blocks more than a chore.

That 20---soon to be 21---year old still gets excited about everything in life from eating to movie and theatre going and, yes, Mother Nature! 

Peyton, the young girl in the picture above, is Gateway's great, great granddaughter (okay, she belongs to Becky's granddaughter) and there isn't a person here she doesn't get a smile from. It is little--no pun intended--things like that which makes this Octogenarian Leap Year Baby feel young(er).


User Comments

At least you get up so that's all that matters at any age.

Awesome that you are a leap year baby! I work out with a fellow that is 83 and full of life. I'm going to miss him this winter when he moves back to Arizona. But he said he'd be back in June!


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