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The Most Terrible Habits for Your Waistline

Added: Sunday, September 11th 2011 at 6:52am by gradyford1230
Category: Health
Bad Habits For Slimming Your Waistline

Are you sick of looking pudgy? Are you tired of trying to do away with the muffin top only to lose that battle each day? Believe it or not, many of those daily habits that you don't even really think about, may be keeping you from slimming down. We all have terrible habits that hinder us from getting rid of the weight we desire to lose. Here are a few of the habits you need to look into changing if you genuinely desire to look and feel better about your waist.

Consuming only fat free or low fat foods. Believe it or not, low fat and fat free foods do not actually save you a lot of calories. What they missing in fat, they even off in sugars. These are the carbs that cause sugar rushes and the subsequent sugar crashes as well as that rebound hunger that makes you eat at all times. Go for the taste buds and let yourself eat the full fat versions of the foods you like. You'll be less starved and your vigor will last longer.

Trying to work out your nutrition on your own can oftentimes makeyou stagnate in your weight. When you look at it on a surface level, nutrition seems to be pretty straightforward. The honest truth is, however, that it is actually very complex. If you wish to start trying to be healthier and reduce your waistline, see to it that you make at least one appointment with a seasoned nutritionist. A dietician can help you work out exactly how much of which foods you must eat and help you plan a diet that is reasonable and nourishing.

Failing to get enough sleep. Studies have shown that individuals who diet and don't get sufficient sleep are likely to gain, on average, two and a half times more belly fat than individuals who get the required six to seven hours each night. You've probably been told again and again that you need eight hours of sleep at night but if you are trying to slim down, getting between six and seven hours is optimum.

If you're trying to slim down and get rid of a muffin top, softdrink is not good, even when you only drink the diet variety. People who drink between one and two soda pops every day have a more than thirty percent increase in the likelihood that they will develop weight problems. People who drink diet soda pop will have waistlines that grow up to five times faster than individuals who do not drink soda at all. So get rid of that soda and go for water!

There are a lot of small, every day habits that hinder us from attaining our weight goals. Things like drinking a good amount of soda pop, eschewing empty calories and trying to plan your own weight loss diet (especially when you are new to dieting) can all contribute to the expansion of your waist. Work with your doctor to figure out if any of your habits could be impeding your weight loss attempts.

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