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would you survive a zombie atack

Added: Sunday, May 1st 2011 at 10:19am by ghostfire25

70 Responses Created by ghostfire25 on May 1, 2011


how long should your hair be?

  • long
  • short
  • in the midle


what is the safest place to take shelter?

  • school
  • prison
  • grave yard
  • mall


one of your close friends is bitten. what do you do?

  • shoot them in the head with no remorse
  • wait till they turn and then kill them
  • wait till they turn and let them bite you


you find a group of survivers. what do you do?

  • join them
  • keep moving
  • use them for there resorces


you are on the move. what do you travel by?

  • car
  • bike
  • foot


you meet a surviver who is low on suplies. what do you do?

  • give them what you can
  • dont give them anything
  • just keep moving


what is the best mele wepone?

  • bat
  • kantana or japaneas sword
  • hand gun


what is the best gun?

  • shotgun
  • semi atomatic m16
  • rifle


you are traped in a house.where do you go?

  • roof
  • basment
  • stay where you are


did you like this quiz?

  • yes
  • no
  • a little

User Comments

Then you will survive. yay

Wow just keep your supplies and run don't waste them on someone who could get bitten and turn on you with your own supplies!



seriously! it's all for one out there hasn't anyone seen the movies? when you try and help someone you get screwed over! lol

AWW i  got  1 answer wrong =(

Woah. that's terrible. I got 8 wrong. I'd be like, the first person to die.

me too we could be zombies together lol!

we can all band together and survive. yay :)


Yuck, the logic in this quiz is utterly horrendous. First off a shotgun is the most effective weapon due to its large area of effect, its simplicity for the untaught and its proven that those who don't practice with firearms often fair better with a shotgun fired from the hip.

Also you would never help another survivor with your supplies, you wouldn't trust anyone in the apocolyptic future. If you trusted me, I would kill you in your sleep and take your supplies.  There's no code of conduct in an apocolyptic future.

You also wouldn't go to a graveyard, it offers no protection from the environment and are usually located near cities and points of interests where a zombie collection would be more probable.

Lastly, though there are still more to take apart from this, you wouldn't wait for someone whose bitten to die off. You would kill them saving yourself the risk and sparing them a gruesome afterlife.

Thanks for the opion.

Thank, God. Someone rational, how refreshing.

Zombies R Us thank you for all this input. Meet you all soon hee hee :)


Worst answers possible on that list of places to go in a zombie attack!

Skyscraper is the correct answer. Can't use elevators, and that many stairs are beyond their range of motivation.

Yeah, I put way too much thought into things like these. Scary, huh?

wow i thouroughly run a cinematic scene in my head while answering this quiz. 
+1 for that! :D

I do the same thing, and thanks!

u idet i now mor then u about zombies i sholde have got them all correct but i dident

>: (

You probaly do..... I was just making one off of what I knew, but it would be awsome if you made one twice as better then mine.. I'm always looking to learn new things so if you do I would love to take it....

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