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What does it mean to be a Targeted Individual?

Added: Thursday, August 21st 2008 at 8:53pm by gangstalking

A lot of people hear the term, but what does it really mean to be a Targeted Individual? I mean we all think we know about the torture, survellence and betrayl, but it's just the surface. You can never fully describe the experience till you have lived it.

Family-If you have a family and you are a target it means having to watch your family get torn apart by this. It means being brutalised daily. It might mean having a spouse who is a Citizen Informant/Snitch divorce you and get custody of the kids.

There are lot's Citizen Informants, (snitches) men and women, who do these things. Marry people just to mess them up later. Markus Wolf coined the term Romeo Traps, Honey Traps as seen in the article below to describe these people.



Partner-If you are lucky, and mean lucky enough to find someone who loves you, cares about you, and can handle this, then you are doing well. The last thing you need is someone who is an intimate infiltration, or just a really bad choice.

Even if you are lucky enough to find loyalty and someone who won't betray your trust, then you might still end up like Jeremy Blake and Theresa. Jeremy seems to have stayed loyal and true to Theresa and what did it get them?


Children-You can expect your children to be targeted.

One man has had to move his family 5 times, he has had to watch and listen to his young children be tortured in their beds, while they try to sleep at nights. He blew the whistle and now he has lost his job, and is forever on the run. Many people have lost their kids, or had to go through the horror of seeing what is being done to them, perpetrated on their kids.

School-I have heard of Targeted Individuals who have their kids attacked, or picked on at school, by the children of the Citizen Informants, just one more way Targeted Individuals are made to suffer.



For some reason, there are considerably more women targeted than men. Why would women be targeted at a much higher percentage than men? This is another question we may never have the answer for, so this is partially speculation. But one possible answer is that the elite have sponsored eugenics projects worldwide for decades. Removing fertile females from a target population is apparently a standard eugenics procedure. Families such as DuPont, Harriman, & Rockefeller have funded projects for population control.

"It was John D. Rockefeller III who was appointed by Richard Nixon as chairman of the newly created Commission on Population Growth and the American Future," stated Allen. He quotes Rockefeller as saying, "Rather than think of population control as a negative thing, we should see that it can be enriching." Allen contends, "Curbing population growth is just part of the Rockefeller war on the American family."

If you are a chic and you are targeted, expect them to try to fry, microwave your reproductive organs, and if you are lucky enough to still be able to get pregnant after that, then expect them to try to go after your child in-utro. If you are pregnant, my suggestion, don't mention it. If they have not already tried to destroy your reproductive organs, or unborn, then don't give then reason to.

The thing about being female is you carry all the eggs you will ever have, and if they do fry and destroy what you have, that might be it, well expect for cloning ofcourse.

If you are a guy, expect them to go after the nether regions, luckily guys can reproduce from scratch and it won't mess up your reproductive organs, unless they use the radioactive stuff like they did in East Germany. Still you are better off being a guy than a female when it comes to this aspect of the targeting.

Betrayl-Oh my favorite one. Expect to be betrayed, till you bleed emotionally. Friends, family, strangers, co-workers, you will literally have a whole society that is out to get you, or it will feel that way. Many may not want to, but they still do it, and it's still betrayal. You will learn not to trust, you will learn that just like East Germany, most people have a price and when things get just a little bit uncomfortable most people crack. Most people are not geared for government torture or torment.

Jobs-Most TI's can not hold down a job. Before my targeting started, I don't think I ever lost one job. After that was another story, as you can tell by some of my postings. The last two years have been interesting. Not to mention the 8 years before of workplace mobbing, harassment, etc.

Travel-I don't really travel much outside the country. Travel to work is again filled with community spies traveling with you from one place to the next.

For Targets that have travelled outside of the country and to other places, I have heard that it often times makes little or no difference. You are followed, so travel is not that much fun.

Everyday Life-


Rumours- Having people say you are crazy, pedophile, rapist, racist, prostitute, etc. You pick something they will use one or more and then have you destroyed reputation wise by false rumours.


Surveillance-24/7. This means you can expect to never have any privacy again, it's like getting violated by the eyes and ears of the state every freaking waking hour. It's like being under the eye of Sauron in Lord of the Rings.

Attacks-Physical and psychological attacks become routine. Cars trying to hit you, people trying to provoke you, psychological warfare, that I am told is used on prisoners to break them, is used on you.

Monitored-Again everywhere you go, everyone you talk to, it's the same thing. They want to know everything you say and do, and yes they will if they can, get mind readers, or use artificial mind reading to monitor you. That is messed up.

So if you are a target, have a cell phone, computer, they could remotely download software, and use your camera and microphone, to monitor you. Hear everything you say, do, and monitor your location.

Eg. As far as I know, I can't get on the Internet without some freaking snitch remotely giving me access. My computer use to always log on the Internet. Now before it does, I can hear from outside, the signal being given, and then my computer get's on the network. They can shut down my access to the net, when they want to, seen it before.

Followed-24 freaking 7. Never a day goes by when you are truly alone.

Finances-Expect to have a lot of downtime. A lot of times targets don't or can't hold jobs, due to the physical and psychological attacks. Many like Mark M. Rich have to find other ways to survive.


Burns- What can I say, when they use lasers on you, microwaves, static electricity? Expect burns. I have almost been electrocuted. I have had electrical burns, parts of my skin peel off in the shower, due to burns. I mean I have been worked over for the last two years, but it comes with the territory. Like Kyle from Terminator says, you just learn to disconnect from the pain. You don't fully, but you adjust, and you learn to shield.

Poisoning-Been pretty lucky on this one. Well I pretty much switch to one person helpings, out of cans, and try not to do fast food unless I can see it being prepared.

If you have kids, get one sized portion servings of milk, and never leave anything over. I also wrote about the mom that found her son's medicine for his diabetes had been watered down. Take medicine with you.

Sleep Deprivation-Well I have not been getting much for the last two years, as you know they try to keep me awake at nights by frying and trying to burn and shake the daylights out of me. Again you learn to function on very little, and get what sleep you can.

There is so much more fun stuff that I could write about, but to get a cumulative picture, you have to read the blogs of others, watch their YouTube postings, visit their sites etc.

This is not even close to some of the stuff that's happened. This was just some off the top of my head stuff. What it means to be a target, means in some ways to be an outcast to a life you once knew, or thought you knew, it means to be betrayed and lied to, by your country, friends, family, loved ones. It means to be unable to plan for the future the way you once did. You don't know if you will have a job, any kind of relationship, and if you do, you don't know if your partner will be some snitch hired to mess you over.

It means really thinking about having kids. If you don't already and you are a targeted individual, I would really think long and hard about it. Eg. How do you support kids without a job? Watch them get tortured?

It's to worry about this creepy society trying to put you in jail, a mental hospital, force you to commit suicide or to get so pissed you one day open fire, like Kimveer Gill did.

It means so many things you never thought that life would mean. It means taking it day by day. It means surviving one day at a time. It means going numb, but not too numb, learning to not feel, too much. Learning not to trust. It means that life is never going to be like how you thought it was going to be. It might also mean never really finding someone you can trust who will understand this. It means going up against the state if you don't want to turn Citizen (slave) Informant.

It means so many things, I can't even begin to list or think about, but it means that your life will never be the same again, not the way you once knew.

It means getting a little tougher, getting your game face on. Learning to truly see and regard humanity for what it always was, what it probably always will be. Learning to get in touch with your inner who you are going to become. Seeing if you have what it takes and realising that you must or else your destiny will be one of the above mentioned, jail, instituation, suicide, or mass murder. (Sure there might be other options, but those are the popular four.)

Crying at times, losing it and getting angry at times, especially in the beginning. (Save up the anger stuff for home, as best as you can.)

If mean so many things, it means saying good-bye and hello to an unsure future, but then realising that the future was always unsure, the world was too, and it's just your realisation that's changed. Everything is just the same as it always was, it's just your awareness that's changed. Those are some of the things that it means to be a Targeted Individual.

What does it mean to you? Let me know. Holla back, and remember.

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."  Martin Luther King Jr.

User Comments

I wonder how many of these things people think are alien abductions.

It's funny, when I first started to research Gang Stalking, I used ot get really irritated that people were trying to link in alien abductions with Gang Stalking, cause I thought it was totally different, but now based on what I have learnt about the Government, implanted memories, and some of the experiences abducties have after being abducted, I begin to see that the person had valid points, I just could not see it at the time.

I wonder how many of the many, many, many normal abductions that occur every single year are as a result of this gangstalking menace.

You outlined the life of a TI very well.  I don't know you, and you don't know me, but we are friends and allies against this present evil.



So much stuff goes on we are never aware of .And allot of people will not believe it. Like putting cold viruses in the New York Subway station to see how far and fast the virus which is certain type of flu would spread.For documentation for other biological weapon that can kill can be used in forein countries. It is not as friendly a world as people think. People think no country would do things like that to its people.Think again .

The more I read, the more shocked that I become. I use to really believe that my country was democratic, I was so fooled and so wrong. The stuff that our Governments do is so wrong. It's hard to believe, experiments on children, minorities, woman, and others, it's all been such fun reading, and I am sure I don't know half the stuff that they do.

I posted my next post about the abductee and Gang Stalking connection, so I am hoping to get some feedback and maybe compare notes.

But it is not only this country that does it .They all either have or are still doing it.If you could see what the other countries were doing you would throw up.The good thing about our country is we are so nosey that thing get brought out.The other countries will just come in your house and kill everyone in the house including babies . And know one dares say anything against the government.Here we can say the government sucks if we want and we might piss some others off but we do not get killed by our government for saying it.

Yeah I didn't think so either, but based on what I have read, seen and experienced, I don't think that's true anymore. I think people die all the time in this country, trying to expose the government and wrong doings. Just look at the reporter who broke the story about the CIA bringing drugs into ethnic communities. Another unexplained suicide, happens a lot, or tragic accident, or heart attack. Yeah other countries kill you in the open, our countries are just more sutble, they are all the same, and I think from what I have read, our might be worst, but just better at hidding it, and that is what the last two years have really shown me.

We would stomp on any other country doing this, and denounce them, but the stuff that our countries do, hardly sees the light of day. I won't get into a 911 discussion.

I am happy for you, that you still have this belief, but I no longer share that view about these countries, all we have is a better illusion.

I just did not want to start having people attack me believe me. I know what goes on .More then you could know.Poisoning to get a fast acting cancer that cannot be cured. To just a accident of losing control of a car. To making someone sick enough to go to the hospital then saying they died of a brain tumor. I just am more careful what I say then you.

Fair enough, we all have to do what makes us comfortable.

We all need to do what will keep us alive. From them.

I have been a TI for the last three years, and my life has been a living hell.  24 X 7 voice to skull coupled with very little sleep.  I have been working the last two years, don't trust anyone, and have come to believe this will be life-long.  I was arrested 5 times during the 1st year, and have had all kinds of legal issues.  Mood swings are unpredictable and anger soars!  I find if I don't stay in the gym and work myself to crazy lengths, I will be too much on edge...  Need to reach out with others who are dealing with this nonstop BS, and find a better way to cope.  Considering seeking medical help to better cope with the mood swings.  Phoenix, AZ


On Tuesday night, 11/17/09, at 9 P.M., (New York / EST), there will be a talkshow dealing with this.


He that will save his life will lose it. I think that falls along the lines of those who would trade liberty for a moment of security etc. In the end you have not what you traded your views away for. Still each to their own.

Your description of the daily life pretty much hits the nail on the head so to speak.  For the past 3 years that I know of, and most certainly for much much longer now that I can trace back events, I have been selected as a TI.  WoW!!!  Certainly opens ones eyes to the reality that is life eh?  Anyways, keep on blogging and know that others are reading...

mark.m i,m too terrified to share  at this time god bless you brave people who are willing to share ,there will be martyrs as it has been written, im also with jesus no matter what happens.if it wasnt for the good lord i wouldnt be writing this today.in jesus christ we pray  amen.

i married a man whose parent's and brother were off a bit.  i cringed at meeting them for the first time.  they were controlling and pathological.  soon after marrying i began to realize that my home was being gone through on a daily basis, cryptic emails would arrive daily detailing where i had been and who i was with.  i went to the police and they seemed to be in on it suggesting that i needed a psychological observance - sure enough after one hour with the psych unit they made it clear that they found me to be mentally ill.  this all began when i made it clear to my in-laws that i detested them.  then i found out they are we;; connected to the san francisco police department and local city government officials.  my husband's best friend (rich and bored) and his wife are in on it too.  i stopped using the computer as much as i had been.  it seems that they are now targeting me with black or white cars swarming me at all times.  they all have the pine tree air freshener hanging off the rear view mirror (colors include black, yellow, red, green & blue).  i will drive somewhere and they seem to know exactly where i am at all tiimes - the tree freshener people are at every side street turning in front of me, following me and at each side of my car.  i have my camera with me at all times and take pictures of license plates non stop.  some day this will come to an end.  i have lost all of my friends and family.  i am still married but my husband doesn't believe any of this has happened as its all been very cryptic.  this is what i know for sure - the gang network is huge - including law enforcement, school teachers, firemen, senior citizens, young college kids, stay at home moms with kids.  these people are all in on it.  i have no idea how this became so intricate.  i feel pretty good right now.  have lost a lot of jobs - know there is a huge slander program out ther about me but no one has fessed up to knowing about it.  i keep thinking that one of my neighbors will someday tell me that they were approached to go along with this program but no once has come forward.  i deeply feel that these people will get caught.  i'm certain of it.  there will be someone to come forward who will start to successfully prosecute these psychopaths.  i know i'm not going to commit suicide and i know i will finally convince former employers and friends to start talking. 

post names and identities:  lewis locke of san francisco  smiley face is also a symbol so now i see the emote-icon below as i sign in - this is probably a bogus ti site    smiley faces are part of their program  check out mike dumany pleasant hill ca

Gangstalking is a myth.  But its still happening.  You have to ask yourself how?  How does it work?  Are you being stalked, harassed, chemtrailed or mind controlled?  Can't figure out what is going on?  Are you targeted and can't figure out how gangstalkers know everything about you?  Do your friends and family appear "in on it".  This is what they are doing, and this is how they do it.  Open your eyes.

This clip is 100% REAL.

Gang stalking is not a myth at all. It's a myth to those that have never experienced it only. Check out targetedindividual.info for more info.

Your hard earned tax dollars hard at work on a slow invisible plausibly deniable genocide of the elite's misfits: YOU & ME!!! (3/4 of the world's population). While their murderous psychotic invention: organized gangstalking, is slowly creeping in and spreading like cancer world-wide. Gangstalking is also responsible for mass murders, suicides, insanity, homelessness, dehumanization, and our economic breakdown. Such stupidity is very expensive, and the money, time, and energy spent on such lunatic agendas such as the elite's NWO population control, Non-consensual human experimentation, Cointelpro, MK Ultra, socialist behavior modification Gestapo style takedown program, etc. had only gone straight down the drain, and for what? NOTHING!!! but perhaps if it's any consolation at least it fattened someone's sad and twisted egomania. That's right America! The rich and powerful are very PROUD and will never admit defeat. They would rather continue with their dead and obsolete maniacal programs and relentlessly harass innocent law abiding citizens who can't fight back just for kicks at every hard working Americans' expense. Just know that every time a child goes hungry in America (6 million and counting); or a homeless person can't find housing; and perhaps someone can't find work; or some manchurian candidate starts to massacre innocent children; it's only because your hard earned tax dollars help fund such LOST CAUSE DELUSIONAL MIND CONTROL AGENDA: while secretly maintaining hundreds and thousands of UNBREAKABLE, FEARLESS, and DESENSITIZED government owned "White Elephant TI's" across the nation, who are hardened over the years, and will never back-down no matter what; who will fight to the death to survive. Psychological Warfare does NOT work on TI's on the know anymore, because once a TI is educated and well informed of this dirty little scam: ALL BETS ARE OFF!!! TI's on the know would rather die than surrender to fraudulent god wannabe lunatics.  But then again who actually pays for their hunger games? YOU! The hard working tax payer, and YOU! The innocent needy person who can't find city resources due to lack of funding, or YOU! The family who just lost your beautiful home on foreclosure. So whenever you see gangstalking on YouTube, know that your hard earned money funded these crimes to humanity. However, for the elite it's only a fun-filled sporting event.
I've been a TI for 16 long years, and from my experience. I learned to put myself in survival mode. All my dreams and personal aspirations has been put on hold at the moment, because these people have their power, connections, and ample resources to suppress me and deny me of my basic human rights. When I say I am in survival mode, I mean I have to be very careful not to get myself into trouble with the law, to maintain my sanity, to hold on to the last shred of dignity that I have, and to simply make the most of what's left. Gangstalking is all about lies, power and control. It's SUPPRESSION! You may bend all the way backwards for your enemies, but don't you ever let them see you break. Gangstalking is also about entrapment. Your perps will find every way imaginable to discredit you, get inside your head, and lead you to self destruction. They will brainwash you and create a fake illusion environment that everyone around you is stalking you 24/7 even if they're really not. Please whatever you do, do not fall for this scam, or this will really be the end of you. Not everyone around you is a gangstalker. Believe it or not, there are more good and decent people out there than there are bad. At first, they will study you very carefully, and learn all about you more than you even know yourself. They will isolate you to easily control and manipulate you. They will destroy your career and make sure you never succeed in life. They will destroy all of your personal relationships. Once you are a TI, you are not allowed to find love or have any friends. Everything they will do to you will always look like an accident and a coincidence. They will try to convince you that everything they did to you was all in your mind. Just like that classic 1944 movie "Gaslight" starring: Ingrid Bergman. They are master liars and manipulators. All these years it still boggles my mind what I have ever done to deserve all of this, because I AM NOT A CRIMINAL. I have done nothing wrong. The only thing I suspect is because I am in a rent controlled tenant since 1988, and if I leave my apartment they can easily triple the rent to the next tenant. It's the only motive I can think of at this time. Your first few years will be unbearable as a TI, but it does get better after a while, because you become desensitized and grow a thick skin. My faith in God had also helped me walk this very narrow path. No one should ever have to go through this kind of life, but you simply can't reason with crazy people in power and wealth. They will always take from the weak and the poor, and will hate someone for no reason whatsoever. They will commit their crimes to humanity, and get away with it too, because they are the ones who invented the loopholes in the first place. There are thousands of us TI's out there across the U. S. and even around the world. Go to YouTube if you don't believe it. Some say it's a human behavior experiment that's gone out of control. Some also say it's nano technology neuro-biological experiment gone wild. Some even say it's electronic weaponry testing gone haywire. If you ask me, I say it's all BULLSHIT! Perhaps you will know who did this to you if you could find the motive. Every TI has a different reason why they were put on this gangstalking hit list. As they also each have their own program custom made just for them depending on their personality past experiences, and lifestyle. Welcome and join the club of the elite's misfits. And if you're an innocent law abiding citizen it doesn't matter. They are psychotic and they simply don't care.
They think they're clever. They would go so low as to use the elderly, the disabled, and children as "human sacrificial shield" in harassing you just to make you look like you're the predator bully to everyone. And if you're physically assaulted by these harmless looking characters they made sure they don't speak English so you can't argue with them when you confront them. They would also sacrifice innocent animals to harass and brainwash their TI's into animal haters overtime, when these innocent creatures have nothing to do with it. I'm flabbergasted of how an innocent child as young as 3 or 4 y.o. are trained to become a gangstalker to harass their victims. These people are not human at all. WHAT ARE THEY???
The first stage is LOVE BOMBING: where gangstalkers will shower you with loving spy friends and fake popularity and good breaks to get your confidence and to gather all your personal data and manipulate you into revealing your innermost secrets. This is also the stage where they decide how to custom fit your hell hole program according to your stats, profile, personality, desires, economy, and current lifestyle.  The second stage is to MIND RAPE AND PLAYING GOD WITH GASLIGHTING: where your day turns into night, and where your happy little world just turns upside down. It is a time when they traumatize the TI by taking away their dreams, privacy, health, assets, sense of freedom, and sense of security. (This is also a critical time for them to MAP YOUR UNIQUE BRAIN SIGNATURES and use their sophisticated gadgetry to electronically torture and PIGGY-BACK into your brain for future remote neuro-monitoring and absolute mind-rape-control. This is how they enslave their victims by giving them a virtual world illusion that everyone is in on it, and that everyone around them is a stalking perp even if it's NOT really the case. This paranoia stage is the make it or break it stage for the TI. The third stage is ISOLATION: where all personal, family, and business relationships are severed through smear campaigns, gossip, bribery, intimidation, blackmail, accidental deaths, sickness, entrapments, etc. (However, if your perps are unsuccessful at this stage, because you are genuinely loved by many, then they may just skip you all together, and just go for a weaker, more profitable, and easily controlled candidate instead. The fourth stage is THE ENTRAPMENT: where the targets are BRAINWASHED and PUSHED into a crime of violence, insanity, suicide, homelessness, incarceration, hospitalization, paranoia, slow self-destruction, and sudden death. This is also a very critical stage, and could mean the end for the TI who has been conned and broken, because he or she had a weak personality thus losing the will and fight to survive. The fifth stage is THE HUNGER GAMES: where the strong surviving TI is forced into a survival mode and literally becomes a human anvil, by learning to adapt and be desensitized with the never-ending and constant harassment and gaslighting everywhere 24/7. This is the stage where ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. It is the survival of the fittest stage, and also the stage of behavior control modification. It is where normal happy people are turned into mind controlled zombies. Where humanistic personalities are erased, sterilized, and replaced with apathy, hate, fear, denial, distrust, paranoia, and psychopathy. This is the final stage when the human soul is extracted, and the the spirit is destroyed. However, once a TI becomes well informed, educated, and wake up from such terrible nightmare, the TI can move on with their lives and learn to adapt. His or her chances for survival can be very good, because not every TI can be manipulated, controlled, and destroyed no matter what. Those who belong to God and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior cannot be touched by the devil. This is when the devil tries to do battle with the God of the universe Himself, but to no avail. "ONLY GOD HAS THE FINAL WORD •"
A word to the wise to all TI's living in a big cities infested with gangstalking sewer rats. Whatever you do, please do not respond or give any attention to any gangstalking street theater skits, harassments, cyber bullying, sensitizations, gaslightings, anchorings, mind games, etc. You will know which ones they are, because they are fake, gives out negative energies, overly repetitive, and performed by sad amateur bad actors who try too hard to get your attention. IGNORE! IGNORE! IGNORE! Simply LOOK AWAY and WALK AWAY.  YOU CAN NOT REASON WITH CRAZY PEOPLE. Don't even try it. Reasoning with a psychopath is like reasoning with a piece of rock. You can't win. Zombies are zombies. Just leave the living dead alone. Once you are a TI, you must be in SURVIVAL MODE. Being in survival mode means that you have to do whatever it takes not to get yourselves in trouble, because if you give in, and fall into their dirty little scam, you will only end up in a hospital, get incarcerated, drive yourself crazy, or worst, end up in a morgue. Life's too short for all the bullshit. It's not worth it. You have better things to do with your time, and your life is much too precious for worthless lunatics. Gangstalking is an ENTRAPMENT PROGRAM. This psychotic socialist movement they've invented has nothing to do with you. This is their problem NOT YOURS. It is their time money and energy being wasted NOT YOURS. This is their lunacy NOT YOURS. This is their crimes to humanity NOT YOURS. Simply mind your own business and go about your daily routine. Resist the temptation to engage or argue with zombie criminals. I repeat: DO NOT ENGAGE PERIOD. Know when to simply just walk away from a set-up. Please move on and enjoy your lives the best way you could. They can't take that away from you.  Finally, there are hundreds of ways to go around these gangstalking mind games: Be creative, why don't you? Live to survive and fight to the death. Never ever surrender to these coward criminals. Put them out of business, by letting them bleed dry with their money, time, and energy. Make them punish themselves for nothing. And remember, you never asked for any of this. They simply brought this upon themselves.  SELF-PUNISHMENT IS PUNISHMENT ENOUGH!
I'm not even a criminal or a terrorist or anything. I am really a nobody. I'm just an average law abiding citizen. But I get more surveillance and spying (24/7 for many years), than the Boston bombers. You were so busy wasting your time and taking away basic human rights on innocent Americans, while the real terrorist just murdered and injured hundreds of innocent lives in Boston. Good job America! Keep wasting your time on innocent law abiding citizens, while the REAL criminals go on a murderous spree all over our country, curtesy of your incompetent stupidity and abuse of power. CONGRATULATIONS! You just help murder and injure innocent lives because of your delusional obsession of me. You got the wrong person to spy on. Where did you get your information anyway? Yes America your hard earned tax dollars hard at work on INCOMPETENCE and LUNACY! If you would have just left me alone, and thousands of other innocent law abiding citizens on your gangstalking watch list, then perhaps the Boston bombing would have been prevented in time. Is your delusional study on mind control more important than our national security? Therefore gangstalkers, you are partly to blame! You should also be held accountable for those innocent lives in Boston you help destroy. Because of your lunacy, stupidity, and incompetence, people are dead.  HAPPY NOW????
Are you kidding me? Gangstalking is easy money. Do you really think they care if you're innocent or not? It's all about job security, and continued funding from the government. Gangstalkers are mostly illegal aliens and people with criminal records who are unemployable. While they are gaslighting you, and harassing you with street theater 24/7, the average hard working American is paying for your gangstalking unwittingly; while needy children go hungry, while budget cuts the police force in half, while the poor gets no help, and the sick and the abandoned elderly gets turned away for medical needs, and while honest hardworking Americans can't find work, etc. America is the land of opportunity even for criminals. Don't feel so bad as a TI though. Just think of it as a charity work for people who can't find an honest living. People have to eat and pay rent you know. You being in their hit list was not a mistake. They justify what they do, because they are jealous of you, and they can never have what you have, (a clean conscience). At least now you know the true definition of what a "PARASITE" really is. Remember, the Boston bomber was also collecting government welfare before he started with his massacre. Need I say more?
No wonder they're short on budgets. Implementing sequesters, furloughs, social service cuts, school shutdowns, police and fire department lay-offs, etc. Funding cuts here, funding cuts there, funding cuts everywhere. But the funding that they will never touch is the gangstalking funding, because gangstalking is their number one priority. Mind-Control studies takes precedence over national security. Hence, the real terrorists run amuck, and can carry out their terroristic agendas on innocent American civilians undetected. It's really nice to know that our hard earned tax dollars is being managed and allocated appropriately for the MURDER of the innocent. It's really nice to know that our civil liberties is less important than someone's maniacal delusional agenda on mind control research. What could be more important than this mind control scam: Total World Domination? What is this really really sick obsession with Remote Neural Monitoring devices. Why is mind rape and civil liberties violation America's number one priority. What are they up to? Who's too sick enough to fund such delusional agendas? Why do we allow these crimes to humanity to continue?
How could these two terrorist brothers slipped under the radar, and carry out their murderous rampage? Why did this atrocity happened to hundreds of innocent lives in Boston? Why? I'll tell you why. Because the people who were suppose to do their job were too busy clowning around, playing god with the weak and the helpless: entrapping, street theatering, gangstalking, mind raping, gaslighting, and electronically harassing me and thousands of innocent law abiding citizens 24/7, and hoping that they could set us up to get ourselves into trouble with the law once we act up. That's why. I have to apologize for these incompetent gangstalking spies for the people of Boston, because their power trip over the weak and the poor fried their brains to a crisp, that they temporarily lost touch with reality, and got distracted by their own arrogance and sadistic cruelty. And if they continue with their socialist - no touch - take down program of innocent American civilians, another terrorist will slip through the cracks once again. So gangstalkers, keep yourselves distracted with your bullying fun for kicks of your TI's, Why don't you? Find every excuses you can find to entrap and condemn the innocent. Waste your precious time bullying the helpless, and let the real terrorists murder Americans over and over again all over the U.S. Because you're so invincible, powerful, well funded, and well connected aren't you? Everyone is so impressed and scared of you even, because you're so good with your legal loopholes and plausible deniability scam. Congratulations, you are guaranteed to always win and get away with your crimes to humanity. And thank you very much for a job well done. But shame on you, because the blood of the innocent is in your hands.

True, it's always this way when this stuff happens, we are more enslaved, but they slip through, or whatever they want us to believe slips through. So true, sorry for your grief.



Dont go to primewire ag or solarmovies or moviekingdom these forum site provide piracy movies not only that the gangstalked targeted individuals to experiment with they have targeted many already let it be known these sites must be banned they are disguising themselves behind movies and all the mods an admins and  owners and members  of these sites are sociopaths and psychopath do not go in these sites but spread the word ...gangstalking is not to br taken lightly...

The one thing I have noticed common with TI's is we are all believers of God and if you read the Bible carefully you will see that all these happenings are outlined in the Bible it is time to chose teams good vs evil. Resist hate, endure, stay out of trouble unite in faith. May the peace of the Lord be with you all.

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