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The Truth Behind Rhino Shield

Added: Thursday, March 8th 2007 at 10:14am by freddybenson
Related Tags: business

As I continued my research I finally uncovered the mystery of Rhino Shield. Rhino Shield is manufactured by Nationwide Coatings.

I was able to find the MSDS (Material, Safety, Data Sheets) on Rhino Shield as well as Nationwide Coatings products and the results are quite amusing. In fact, in most cases the language used to describe the products is verbatim.

I believe you can purchase the same product from Nationwide as opposed to having to pay the exorbitant prices that Rhino Shield tries to impose upon its customers.

Rhino Shield applies a 3 coat system comprised of the following:

1. Adhesive Primer Sealer (Product Data #14090)

2. Ceramic Mid Coat (Product Data #14030)

3. Durable Finish Coat Satin (Product Data #14020)

Nationwide Coatings supplies the following:

1. Ultra Prime™ (Product Data #2790) - $18.19 per gallon

2. Ultra Kote XL™ (Product Data #4030) - $25.29 per gallon

3. Ultra Satin™ (Product Data #2730) - $23.39 per gallon

If you look closely, you will see that the Solids by Weight, Solids by Volume, V.O.C.'s and Gallon Weight are identical. Not to mention the Product Description mirrors each other.

You can call Nationwide Coatings and get a price on all of their products except Rhino Shield. They will direct you to a Rhino Shield dealer in your area.

Please click on My Favorite Links to verify.

Keep in mind that the information made available to me over the internet does not tell the whole story. I'm quite sure that if either one of these companies were questioned that they would insist that the products are quite different. What else would they say?

I am making my determinations based upon what appears to be an obvious connection. Same manufacturer, same product description, same statistics, same numbers!

If you have any information that supports my findings or is to the contrary, please email me.

User Comments

You found out the mystery? Was it because Rhino Shield is featured on the Nationwide website for the world to see? Your a smart man. Guess what Pella windows doesn't make any of the glass for their windows also! Why don't you start building your own windows, lol.

I know the owner of a Rhino Shield dealership and he is a very well respected guy and does great work. I have referred them to many of my clients (I am a builder) I am on here because your post has come up at a business meeting regarding a project with Rhino Shield.

Ok genius, now that you have figured out the mystery and believe you have guessed right at each product. Go ahead and get insurance, crews, equipment and the experience to work on someones house and guarantee the workmanship of the job you performed. If you mess up there is a good chance you could end up in court and lose your business and your house.


I don't know if these are the same as their products or not, I doubt it. But even if they are your argument is a dead end. Guess what, get a quote on vinyl siding and it will be 20k or go buy it at Home Depot off the shelf for 6k. You need a quality installer to do the job right and to spec to last. The product is not 100% of the cost.


I hope your negative attack on people that are working hard and have a respectable business comes backs and bites you hard, I know it will.

By the way the client still went with Rhino Shield due to their great track record.

Hope you have insurance for your big mouth it might cost you in the end.

GC builders, llc.

Well, rhino shield is a very shity company. You spend a lot of dam $$ to never paint your house again, well bull shit!!!!!!! I had my house done 4 dam yrs ago and the pant is shrinking , you can see the white between the seam, paint peeling off the gables. And when you call them they send a college kid to come to your house take pictures and you get a 10 page letter with all the pictures saying nothing is covered. And it would cost more $$ for them to come back out and fix the shit that they put on..... This crap is a dam rip off and I have been all over telling people to never never have rhino shield touch nothing. You own. They know how to rip people off...... Only 4 yrs and the paint has faded in streaks, looks like white liquid pourd on the green shutters, paint peeling on the gables, (now nothing is touching the gables) but I'll be dam they will say something did and that's about 12ft high, every seam has white showing thru where the paint seems like it has shrunk. Poor ass shitty , company. When asked for the original sales guy and manager that came to my house, I was told they don't work for the company anymore, so you can't keep employess much less stand by your quality of work that you say you do, then rhino shield needs to shove their business up their ass because they are worthless

I would like to know what the advantages are having Rhino Shield over Vinyl siding? I have been told the insulation under the vinyl siding keeps the heat in the house and the draft outside. Please reply.

Okay builder.......so you like the product and your buddy has a dealership.......Duh!

Anyone who would have to come into my home and convince me of a product with the hopes that after two hrs they would make a close and off with my money says alot about the company.  Interesting that the company used to be called Amcoat...........Amway anyone???????

The minute you added "Amway anyone????" you showed your true colors!   There is ABSOLUTELY NO connection between Amcoat and Amway/Quixtar. (a company which by the way, just recently had more than 200,000 distributors quit in 2007, AND have been removed from operations in several countries in the past 2 years).    Rhino Shield is not available to the general public (people like you) because of the simple fact that the proper application of the product requires more than just a scraper and a brush....it requires an intrinsinc knowledge of construction materials, preparation techniques, and specialized high pressure application sprayers.    If just a "regular" painter were to apply RhinShield without the proper prep and application practices, it would not last anylonger than normal paint....( I am a retired builder, my grandfather was a lifelong house painter, and I also do "benchmark" comparisons for my consulting clients, in which I compare numerous "like" products, to determine which has the best overal qualities for a given purpose....)

You can buy the SAME EXACT product from NAtionwide.

For years it was called Rhino Guard on their site. Once Amcoat started buying it and having it private labelled as Rhino Shield, Nationwide took it down from their site and continued selling it under Ultra Kote.

For Amocat and Steve Wilkenson to try to say it is a "proprietary" product is straight up a lie.Anyone can buy the same product under a different name. Look at the MSDS and technical data. Its the same stuff.

Steve cut and ran in Indiana after so many people went after him for a faulty product or installation. How many people did he leave in the lurch with warranty problems that according to the Procraft dealer agreement he is solely responsible for? Maybe he was the victim of a bad product, but that does not relieve him of his obligation to do the right thing on the warrantees HE guaranteed.

And now he is selling another ceramic product he didn't create that is just like Liquid Siding from Kryton.

The only difference now is STEVE is making the money for selling the dealerships and the coatings instead of buying them from someone else.

How long will it be until he is seeing the same type of dealer attrition that Liquid Siding / Liquid Stucco is seeing today when the dealers are faced with all the service issues Steve was in Indiana?

How long will it be before he moves on to the next product, the next scam?

Folks, go buy a GOOD paint like Super Paint from a GOOD company like Sherwin Williams that has been doing it for 100 years and have your painter do the same steps of preparation that companies like Rhino Shield claim they do and you will spend $2.00 per square foot for a paint job tht will last every bit as long as the $4.50 per square foot job you will get from these Rhino Shield or Liquid Stucco dealers.

ANY good painter can do the steps that the Rhino Shield and Tex Cote and Liquid Stucco guys claim they are doing. Proper preparation is not something exclusive to these high priced companies, in fact other than trenching, it is all REQUIRED on the paint can itself in order for the warranty from companies like Sherwin Williams to be in effect.

Anyone can trench around the foundation and apply a weatherproofing coat.

Anyone can powerwash with chlorine bleach or tsp or some combination of both.

Anyone can scrape and sand the wood surfaces and patch the damaged stucco.

Anyone can caulk the spaces.

Anyone can apply a primer and two finish coats.

Any painter worth spit can get a high pressure sprayer and a 19-22mm tip and blow on your Rhino Shield or Liquid Stucco or any other of these so called ceramic or textured coatings. Its no different than any other elastomeric in what it takes to apply properly. So don't buy the hype.

Plus by buying from Sherwin Williams or another big paint manufacturer you will KNOW that the company you bought the coating from will be around next year.


Wow all the guy said was it looked like the product was the same. If people are as to do something's themselves hail to them. WTF. Thank god no contractors license required in NH and some of the toughest. building codes. Most contractors I know are at the bar by 3:30 anyway so good luck getting anything done.
It appears that again some company is trying to scam the public; AGAIN. God help us from these low-life A-holes.
Rhino-scam !!
I'm a painter in fl. I don't care what you put on your house, I'll see u in about 8 years.. Sw super paint 20 year warrantee for " failure" . If there is a problem you call a rep they come out and look at the problem. If you have a good painter that applys your scam product properly and there is a "failure", who's gonna come out and look at it? Uh no one... The painter will get stuck with the repaint or a full refund. Just so you know paint is water and powder that's it! You can put it on, imbed it in ceramic or get premixed grout with your color either way you will be painting again..
I watched Rhimo Shield installer prep and paint my house. He prepped about as good as he painted - like he was drunk and stoned. All 3 of the blew through this project as if they were doing it for free. Paint drips on the brick, windows painted shut -for good. I'm in the concrete industry and the product prep is very similar to old concrete. Bonding preparation is everything.
Rhino Shield...Garbage

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