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Added: Saturday, October 22nd 2011 at 9:21pm by Fozzybear123
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Parties are always fun.

Watching movies, listening to music, snacking on cake and chips and chocolate, and who knows what other junk.

Parties give you the chance to meet new people, and have great laughs. Be daring. Be outrageous. Be thankful for having wonderful friends.

I'm glad I had my party, because it was a wonderful way to end the week.

Math test AND spanish test on Friday, and saturday for celebration.

But parties are kind of scary. Or at least afterwards when you're the host.

This feeling I'm getting right now is crazy. All my friends are gone. They helped me clean up and stuff. There's stilla little mess, but I'll obviously get over it.

It's just this crazy feeling I get that gets me. This feeling of emptiness and loneliness.

I've been looking forward to this amazing event for about 3 weeks now. At first, just a crazy idea before I went to bed, then in the matter of days, I'm inviting all my friends and everything.

This afterparty feeling is so strange. You look forward to something for what seems like ages, and then it happens... but then it's over. It's like there's nothing to look forward to, because everything just ends..

I dunno, it's probably just I've had such a great time, that I need some negative energy to balance out my emotions.

I'm looking forward to graduation. Not only an amazing party, but I have plans for after it. I want to go to university and become a psychologist. It's been a life-long dream  of mine, one I'm not willing to give up.

I'm very glad it'll be 8 years of my life. I like looking forward to things, but secretly I never do want them to come because of this horrible after feeling.

Maybe all 8 of those years will feel like 8 hours, the length of this party.

Then what??

Life is too short. I should stop worrying about these things.

User Comments

During life we all have these typs of moments and they do suck but thats life nd we cant change that!

Kwl Ideas though:P

Exactly! life is short. I understand it better now than before so enjoy what interest you, explore in positive way. Enjoy your teenage life, that is the wonderful moment in life. Your plan to proceed to university is great... I agree parties is nice as a means of socializing, meeting new people and to relax from school works.

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