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Added: Wednesday, May 4th 2011 at 6:46pm by Fozzybear123
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I've learned quite a lot about love recently. Suddenly, really.

I was reading breatheloveforgive's blog, and I noticed it is very powerful.

What I've learned about love is a lot more than I expected of it. I always thought love was the thing that brought adults together, or why Protitues liked their job. I thought it was entirely lust. Now I realize it's much more.

Love is about grace. Love is about Forgiveness. Love is about comprehension. Love is about happiness.

Since I am religious, I comprehend love as Gods gift to the world. And since I go to church every sunday, I learn more and more about it every sunday. In church, they say it comes from grace. That we are all evil, and that Love is Grace. We don't deserve it, and we don't need to earn it. It's a gift. And anybody can take it, at any time. We don't need to give anything in return, because when we truly have it, we understand that we just got the best thing in eternity. And that God doesn't need anything more. It's like being paid to be eternally happy. To Love.

I think the hardest parts of love is Forgiveness and Understanding.

To truly understand love, I think one has to put love/God before anything else. As much as I'd truly want to... I don't think I'm ready for such a step. Love truly is the way to live. But I am still a teen with so much more to experience. I'll try to interpret love as many ways as I can in my life. But I will never be perfect.



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Love is reasonable and logical. To love is to admire the virtues in another being and to be loved is to be admired for your virtues. Love gives us the motivation to carry on, the belief that some people are always with us no matter what. It is not an end in itself, but a reiteration of our beliefs and values. Love has to be earned and to give love to those who do not deserve it is like spending where there is no value.

These are my opinion on love.


{#basic-laugh.gif} wow. I thoroughly enjoy your post, not because it mentions me, but because it is so honest. I love reading about other people's perspective on matters like this. You have made my day and inspired me to be more honest as well.. can we be friends? For serious? :) 

!!! Of course we can! :D I'm not sure that we like could visit eachother all the time or anything... (I have no idea if even live in the same continent..xD) But of course!! Your blog I find is just sooooooo interesting... I really think that the best blogs are ones that contain a lot of honesty. Thank you for reading :)

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