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How to pick a good cigar

Added: Tuesday, August 6th 2013 at 6:14pm by fictionmasterone
Related Tags: choice, time, leisure, shopping

How do I pick out a good cigar?

First off cigars are NOT like cigarettes. Both have tobacco, yes, but cigarettes are made with what is known as "short filler", which basically means leftovers, and are often machine made. Once the good parts of the tobacco leaf have been cut and rolled into a fine stogie the left overs are swept up into some piles, scooped up and tossed into boxes and sent to cigarette factories. The left overs are shoved into the machines that make the cigarette. Cigarettes also have "additives" which are what you mainly smell and enjoy when smoking a cigarette. The "additives" over power the tobacco and often cause physical problems like emphysema. So you basically smell and taste the chemicals in cigarettes rather than anything else. Cigars are mainly hand made with medium and long filler (which are GOOD portions of the tobacco leaf). These types of filler have more nutrients that create a finer, more delicious smoke. So find a place that sells cigars, not ones like Black and Mild or Phillies. Once there decide if you want a heavy or mild cigar. Heavy cigars tend to have more flavor, more spice, more smoke. Mild ones have less spice, but still have good flavor and smoke. There are cigars that fall into the medium range, but many cigar shops don't always keep a good selection. Take your time when looking. Pick up the stogie, smell it, feel it lightly. Cigars aren't about coming and going or looking tough. They are about slowing things down and taking a break from life. And remember there is such thing as paying $5 for a cigar and getting one that is worth $15.

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