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**Wake Up White Boy**

Added: Friday, April 6th 2012 at 5:38pm by feralpuppies
Related Tags: politics

This forwarded message is disturbing to say the least. Confirmed on snopes.com.

**Wake Up White Boy**
The text description is very horrific !!!!
As horrific as this is, it needs to circulate!!!
The animals pictured below car-jacked then rapedChristopher Newsom, cut off his penis,  set him on fire and fatally shot him several times while they forced his girlfriend, Channon Christian, to watch. An even more cruel fate awaited her!
Channon Christian was beaten and gang-raped in many ways for four days by all of them, while they took turns urinating on her. They cut off her breasts and put chemicals in her mouth... and then murdered her.



Knoxville (WVLT) - The District Attorney General of  Knox   County announced the list of charges facing now five suspects in the double murderof Channon Christian andChristopher Newsom.
The District Attorney General Randy Nichols is not saying whether or not he will seek the death penalty, but he does say the State will seek conviction for all charges filed in a 24-page indictment from the Knox County  Grand Jury.Lemaricus Davidson, 25 , faces a total of 46 charges..Letalvis Cobbins, 24 , faces a total of 46 charges. GeorgeThomas, 24 , faces a total of 46 charges. Vanessa Coleman, 18 , faces 40  Tennessee  state charges. EricBoyd, 24 , also arrested in connection with the fatal car jacking, only faces federal charges as an accessory after the fact.
SO!!!!! Where's Al Sharpton, O and Jesse Jackson? Are they providing counsel and help to the families of the victims?
Of course not - the victims were white
Why hasn't this received National coverage by the news media like the Duke 'rape' case?
Oh, that's right - the victims were white
Why hasn't the NAACP, ACLU, New York Times etc., called for an investigation?
Must be cause the victims were white
Why hasn't the FBI been called in to investigate this as a hate crime?
Oh, that's right - the victims were white'
So, if a white radio shock jock uses the phrase 'Nappyheaded'Ho, it gets 2 weeks of constant news coverage.
If two white people are tortured, raped, and murdered by a group of black people, it barely gets a blip in the news.
Pass this around, and maybe, just maybe, it will land in the hands of someone in the media or politics, that has the guts to stand up for the white people!!  Or don't because you don't have the guts either!!

User Comments

I believe if you will actually read the Snopes account, you will find that the version you printed came directly from the media. Though the murders were gruesome, they actually occurred several years ago and this news account that you printed as fact actually sensationalizes the crimes beyond what they were.  Also, the parents of both these young people stated that they did not believe this was a hate crime, so it was not tried as one.  Helps to read your references, FP.

This article  shows a comparison between White on Black crime & Black on White crime. The Media is biased.

I'm more inclined to think people are biased.

Definitely, but the bias favors the minorities. Homeland Security says the Veterans, Christians & Conservatives are potential Domestic terrorists. Obama is a Muslim. That's why he helped the Muslim Brotherhood take power in Egypt and Libya. Jimmy Carter helped the Muslims take over Iran. Muslim Brotherhood Representatives just visited the WH. Obama is a Puppet for the CFR. He won't show a valid Birth Cert., just two forgeries so far. 

.....Vile words these days.....

"The victims were white".

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