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Added: Wednesday, May 2nd 2012 at 5:02pm by feralpuppies
Related Tags: politics

Union Violence Exposed

A Citizen's Petition to:
My U.S. Senators and Representative
Whereas:   Every year militant union bosses deploy their thugs to target innocent men and women with threats, brass knuckles, knives and beatings in an attempt to send a simple message -- do what we want, or pay the price; and
Whereas:   Because of the 1973 Enmons decision, union officials are exempt from federal prosecution -- as long as the campaign of violence they incite is in the name of "legitimate union objectives"; and
Whereas:   Union violence is a crippling blow not only for innocent American workers targeted by union militants -- but for every American citizen; and
Whereas:   Passage of the Freedom from Union Violence Act would close the loophole in federal law and finally allow authorities to prosecute union officials for inciting violence;
Therefore: I urge you to help hold union officials accountable for union violence by cosponsoring and seeking roll-call votes on the Freedom from Union Violence Act.

User Comments

Right to work is a load of CRAP. It's naive to put it civilly.

You sound like a Union man. 

I have belonged to more than one Union. One was good, one was bad. I am a conservative but seeing the benefits of a good union makes one rethink throwing the baby out with the bath water. I think what some of my conservative brothers and sisters want to do isbreak the whole idea of a union. It's like we want good teachers, we just don't want to pay them. We want good fire and police protection, we just don't want to pay them. See the irony? Makes one more to center than far left.

Because of Unions, many jobs are in other countries. Unions ran Textiles out of New England to Phila., then NC, SC, Ga.  Where are they now?

AFTA, APTA, SICA, CEFTA, COMESA, G-3, GAFTA, GCC, NAFTA, PACIFIC ACCORD, SAFTA, SADC. MURCOSUR, and TPP. Big bussiness taking good care of everybody else but the American citizen. 

They have done a great job masking the truth. Their propaganda is swallowed hook line and sinker by the average American Citizen who gets their information from the very hand that is stabbing them in the back.

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