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Consensual Slavery

Added: Sunday, February 11th 2007 at 4:46pm by femaleslave
Related Tags: relationship, events, life

We are all slaves to one thing or another. We labor for a wage or salary, but we are bound by those in authority over us. Many are under employed or unemployed and become a slave to the welfare system or a religious system. This type of slavery is not consensual. We are not asked if we wish to "submit" to the conditions of this slavery, but fall into it through unfortunate sircumstances.

Consensual slavery is a lovely and profound choice some of us make to deliberately surrender our will, our body, and our emotions to another who is equally willing to assume the responsibility for the slave on all fronts.

Contrary to what many believe, consensual slavery is perhaps the most empowering situation one can enter into willingly. To surrender one's will, one must beforehand have control of it to give. A Master is then carefully and deliberately selected and the Master/slave power exchange begins. It requires time and great effort on both sides to make it work, but when it works, it is heaven on earth.

It is much, much more than sex, but it is of course, also sex. How many of us can choose One to control our emotions, our sexual impulses, and our many other choices?

When my Master walks in the door after work, I greet him daily at the door, nude and accessible if he wishes to enjoy his slave's body. This is his wish, but it is also my great joy. The home is clean and tidy, dinner is ready. More often than not, my Master wishes to read his paper, and I am often invited to stroke his body while he reads. It is an incredible dynamic which feeds both the Master and the slave equally. I give everything ... all I am for his delight. In exchange, he gives me all of him in his control, his love, his mastery of me.

He has requested I build this blog and offer myself as a resource for the beauty of the Master/slave relationship. I will do my best to answer any and all questions as honestly and as quickly as possible. I am bound by His request to answer your questions openly and honestly.

User Comments

I think we should always be open to new ideas and methods. Life can't always be vanilla. Sometimes it's good to experiment, too! It's all part of the self-discovery process. [SMILE]
Have you ever thought of living you OWN life ... not that which is the wishes of someone else? Slavery of any type is wrong. Now to live through fantasy is a different story. For the pleasure of each other, that is different. Do you have friends? Do you get to leave the house when YOU feel the need to go? No one deserves to be totally controlled by another. That is why we became a free country. We freed our slave and let them become equals in our society. Maybe one of these days you will wake up and realize what a mistake you have made with your life... when cabin fever sets in... when you want to meet your girlfriends at the mall and he won't let you. Is this the kind of life that you want? It might be fun and games now ... but someday ... you will wish that you would have tried to be your own person.
Rocki I am shocked at you [OHMY] I too am a slave and am quite happy, perhaoshappier than most. It is not just my career. I love being a slave and want nothing else:) Don't knock it until you try it.[TONGUE][HEART]
I am not going to touch this post. I will get my self in trouble. Welcome to Blogster!
yeah baby! you got two of us now [KISS][KISS][KISS][KISS][HEART][HEART]
Oops, replied above! :)
Selfishness is never right either. When one gives completely in a loving relationship, it is returned at least equally.

Look at the lives of Ghandi and Jesus, for example. They each laid down their lives for others. They gave their lives to others ... This is wrong?

I have many friends, I have a career, an MA in Education, and am working on my PhD. Does any parent "get" to leave the hose anytime they wish without considering the wishes and needs of others? Of course not. You're just freaking out over the terms, not the behavior. [SMILE]
Thank you for the welcome. I think as time goes on and you read what is written, you will see we are not so different. [SMILE]
Welcome to blogster sister in Slavery![HEART]
Thank you! It is nice to be here. I look forward to reading some of your posts as soon as I am able. [SMILE]
Welcome to Blogster![SMILE]
Thank you! I am enjoying my stay so far, and look forward to meeting more of the great people around! Thanks for coming by! [SMILE]
O.K., you've givin me something to consider(thank you). Iam open minded and eager to experience new things. Iook forward to learning more. [[COOL]
Master for Hire!!!

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