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Why are Refridgerators $3000 and up?

Added: Saturday, December 29th 2018 at 2:27pm by FedUpToHere
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2 Responses Created by FedUpToHere on December 29, 2018


Why are Refridgerators $3000 and up?

  • They now have rocket engines and can take you to the moon.
  • They are really bigger than they look.
  • You can drive them to the supermarket for a fillup.
  • When your home is repossessed you can kick it to the curb and live in it.
  • We all need SOME where to store all that 'comfort' Ben 'n' Jerry's

User Comments

Comfort food, obviously!

They're for all the millennials who don't know what a can opener is. Canned will kill them at 90 so fresh food only since they'll live forever.  


I never thot of that...  {#basic-blush.gif}

I  just had some living  with me for  5 days so the memory is still fresh lol. 

Well, for me,...

Thank God for CraigsList ! ! !

How about none of the above?  The real reason they're now over $3,000 is because they are now computerized.  Just a touch of a button, and, oops!!  You're being spied on, by your refridgerator, lol!  Not only that, touch another button, and the whole door lights up, and shows you what you have in your  fridge.  And  then, there's one that has a 2 part door.  Open the fridge, and theres a door, with racks to hold your milk, juice, and other beverages.  Open that door, to get in to the main part of the fridge.  I'm happy with my fridge, old fashion yes, but who needs all that other stuff in their fridge anyway?!!

I wonder of there will be tons of youtube vids showing peeps how to disconnect the spy functions in all our next-gen machines/devices???

So far I think only my power meter is spying on me...and prolly some sneaky stuff in my computer browser, too, I suppose...

Someone has convinced the younger generation that grandma's fridge is no good but a fancy $3k one is. Surprise young people, they both preserve perishable food.

And how often in 43 years of food shopping for myself have I stood in the grocery store wishing I could use my smart phone to look inside my fridge to see if I need something......ZERO, that's how many times....LOL


I wonder if the new generations will lose their memory after a while of never using it them

A-Ha!  We are getting to Robots via producing brainless humans!!  {#basic-laugh.gif}

Ha I do not buy these thing brand new

Right!  I have not bought a new refer since about 1970, and 'she' got it in the divorce in 1981.   ---Hmmmmm no wonder I have sticker shock about today's prices...these 48 years later!

Did you know that inflation is primarily how government is able to pay for its growth?  AND, how the private wwners of THE FED, a private Corporation(!), are able to buy so many votes?  Is it any wonder that I am FedUpToHere?

One day in the early 50's my Mom was complainimg about the cost of a loaf of bread...it was 18 or 20 cents!

I asked how much bread cost when she was a girl...she said: "5 cents!"

Yes, but wages were only 25 cents an hour then. The reason for the high cost of things is because folks will PAY those prices. Folks don't know how to say "NO" anymore! I once saw a woman at the meat counter griping about the high cost of meat....AS she was filling her shopping cart with steaks!

 and  Lowes does give discounts to veteran's where home depot will not

Some of the HomeDepot's here are on the Vets discount thing, then off it, then on it again...


Thanks!, AT! ...and I hope YOU and allof those who are importan to you have God's very best in 2019 & beyond!

Hey, AT, I see that your blog is "Friends Only"...

I wonder if we can be friends if I am both a Righty-Conservative and a zealous Born-Again Christian?

Reply via Blogster 'Private Message' if you like...

My pleasure. Please set the ball rolling and send me a 'BEFRIEND'

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