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Our Western Financial Sys is VERY vulnerable...Likely going DOWN!

Added: Friday, March 17th 2023 at 12:01pm by FedUpToHere


The entire western financial system will self-annihilate under woke rule

As described in today's black-pilled Situation Update podcast, we are crossing the threshold right now into irredeemable territory from which western civilization will almost certainly self-annihilate.

"Woke rule" has transformed every institution into a cabal of incompetent woke cultists who have no clue what they are doing: Government, finance, medicine, science, education, media, geopolitics and more. They are collapsing everything in sight as they demand the world bows down to their woke cult parade of clowns who are clueless, arrogant and stupid.

Credit Suisse is about to collapse. When it does, the contagion risk to US banks will be in the trillions of dollars. Emergency money printing will be initiated to "rescue" the banking sector, setting off a future hyperinflation event from which western finance will never recover.

The end game is now clear.

Get all the details in today's podcast here.




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"Credit Suisse is about to collapse. When it does, the contagion risk to US banks will be in the trillions of dollars. Emergency money printing will be initiated to "rescue" the banking sector, setting off a future hyperinflation event from which western finance will never recover."

Global financial contagion spreads - featured interview with Mannarino and more

We have two important interviews to share with you today, plus a slew of financial articles (see below) that reveal what's really happening with the global financial contagion.

Credit Suisse is on the verge of collapse, and the US Fed now says it's going to inject trillions of dollars into the US banking system to try to stave off systemic collapse.

See my two bombshell interviews with Gregory Mannarino and Sarah Westall at my Brighteon page:  


P.S.  I'm interviewing Gerald Celente and Peter Schiff today, and will post those tomorrow. Stay tuned...

There’ll be no apology for advocating that banksters be cut-off A. Dru Kristenev | --Cover Story

Citizens of this nation are unapologetically telling Congress to allow SVB and other banksters to suffer the consequences of their dodgy financial practices. Let them lick their own wounds. It may even put a crimp in their plans for world domination

Clayton Morris: This is their plan to ELIMINATE cash News on the Net | --Cover Story



Biden Under Secretary of the Treasury Nellie Liang asked about reaching out to Twitter and Facebook to '"monitor misinformation and ‘bad actors'"


( Natural News ) California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has around a quarter of a million dollars being held in the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) that recently collapsed. (Article by Kelen McBreen republished from Infowars.com) While this fact was conveniently withheld, Newsom simultaneously promoted the Biden administration bailing … [Read More...]

790 Views March 17, 2023 -
Central banking continues to fail

( Natural News ) The Federal Reserve, or the United States central bank, continues to show why totalitarian control over anything, especially a money supply, is little more than slavery. Sadly, too many are still stuck not only believing the myth of “authority” but are caught up in the slave system so fully that they cannot even imagine not … [Read More...]

Adams inter

Today I'm publishing two hard-hitting interviews: Gerald Celente and Peter Schiff. We cover the bank collapse, currency collapse, hyperinflation, bailout operations and more.

Schiff said it best when he told me, "Your bank won't fail, but the money in your bank WILL fail." He's referring to the fact that the Fed and Treasury will print and distribute whatever funds are necessary to keep the banking system afloat, but the value of the dollar will plummet as a result.

Find these outstanding interviews, plus today's podcast, at:


views Celente and Schiff as Fed preps trillions in bailout funds

It's the vast middle-class, the strength and backbone of America and much of the Western world, that will be turned sideways. There are no coincidences The New World Disorder: There Are No Coincidences By Ray DiLorenzo

I took part in private investigations for a number of years and having done so learned early on that there are no coincidences.

In June, 2020, elites from around the world gathered to announce a plan to reset the entire world economy. These elites or oligarchs have been planning this for many decades. They literally have to destroy Western civilization to accomplish it.

That is to say it is not just about our economy. It will radically alter the entire social order of our planet.



When Not to Trust the Experts
Twilight Patriot Now is the time to wake up, and to stop "trusting the experts" in the same naïve way we have been doing it. More


Anybody else repelled by the legal juggernaut against Trump just as revelations roll out about the Bidens?
March 18, 2023 The public can see the amazing irony, the two-tiered justice, clear as day in this one.



GANGSTER GOVERNMENT: Biden Admin Caught Harassing Elon Musk!
Tyranny Steve Rossiter | --Cover Story
That is when the tyranny of the Marxist Democrat Party and their oligarch minions surfaced in America. How do you like it so far?

Are We in the Age of “Pretend”? Chuck Lehmann | --Cover Story

Let's not "pretend" anymore, and hope that our country can survive until the election of 2024 when we can throw the "pretenders" out of office


Ready for another 49,000 illegal border crossers?
March 19, 2023 Biden's mixed message to migrants makes it more urgent than ever for illegal migrants to surge into the U.S. now .


March 19, 2023 -

Silicon Valley Bank functioned as bridge between U.S. dollars and Chinese investments in aerospace and defense — no wonder Biden wanted all deposits bailed out

( Natural News ) By now, you have probably heard all about the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and the government of the corporate United States coming to its depositors' rescue. But have you heard about how fake president Joe Biden's bailout of SVB, which the regime has chosen to call a "backstop," is really more about saving the …


[Read More...]


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