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Mr. Trump... Don't Go Changin'... We need you just the way you are!

Added: Friday, February 14th 2020 at 9:01am by FedUpToHere


  P L E A S E . . . Don't Go Changin'... Mr. Trump...

  Mr. President, don't go changin' 
  Lloyd Marcus    February 12, 2020

On Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace implied that Trump behaved vengefully by firing Col. Vindman after his impeachment acquittal. Wallace's guest, Republican advisor Karl Rove, said Trump should be moving the country forward after his acquittal rather than passionately calling out the Democrats.

I thought, "Are you guys nuts? Have you not been paying attention?" Deranged Democrats launched an unfair, corrupt, and baseless impeachment hoax against Trump and the American people. Their hoax cruelly destroyed the lives of innocent people associated with Trump, while viciously attacking Trump's family.

In their outrageous arrogance, Democrats actually tried to impeach Trump for simply functioning within his presidential authority and performing his duty to the American people.

Despite Trump's acquittal, Democrats and fake news media continue filling the airwaves with their lie that Trump is guilty of crimes against America and must be removed immediately.

So Mr. Rove and Mr. Wallace (RINOs) , how does Trump play nice with a political party that wants him politically dead? Why aren't you guys scolding Democrats and fake news media for their inability to move forward for the good of the country?

I thank God that Trump does not listen to Washington insiders and stays on offense. It is time that Trump take out the treasonous trash in his administration – people who are hell-bent on stopping his America-first agenda.

Trump fired 70 Obama holdovers. Right-on, bro!

--Trump fired Col. Vindman. Excellent! Col. Vindman played a role in Democrats' kangaroo court coup to remove Trump from office.

Trump tweeted video of Pelosi's temper-tantrum at the SOTU. I am really thrilled by Trump's video tweet because for decades Democrats have gotten away with portraying themselves as strong advocates for minorities, women, and blue collar Americans. Pelosi's behavior at the SOTU exposed them for the mean-spirited, cold-hardhearted elitists they truly are. 18 million have seen this video. Please continue sharing it .

Trump exposing Democrats' corruption keeps Democrats and their fake news media tag-team partners off balance. Every disgusting dirty trick in their "Take Out The Republican" playbook has failed on Trump. Their repeated failure has driven them totally insane – openly instigating violence against Trump and anyone caught wearing a MAGA cap in public .

CNN's Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon irresponsibly justified progressives physically attacking MAGA cap wearers.

Despite Trump's long list of inconceivable remarkable achievements for We the People, Republican advisors like Carl Rove (RINO! ) still seek to transform Trump into an acceptable Washington DC Republican politician. Republicans behaving like wimps in Washington DC has gotten us into this mess, ...on the verge of losing our Founding Fathers' divinely inspired vision for America.

I am elated that Trump stays on offense, not allowing Democrats, fake news media, and deep state defenders of the status quo to dictate his behavior. Trump's agenda is extremely simple and straight forward. If something is good for America, he does it. If it is not, he rejects or reverses it.

And yet, some who are supposedly on our side persist in scolding Trump for not behaving more presidential; too outspoken about exposing Democrats and fake news media. Because 92% of media coverage of Trump is negative (lies), if Trump does not tell the people the facts, they will not know.

God knew we needed a courageous no-holds-barred America-first bull in the White House to bring our country back from the edge of destruction.

My wife Mary's mentor, Mary Kay Ash of Mary Kay Cosmetics said, "Leadership flows from the top down." That is so true. I call it the "Trump Effect." More and more Americans are courageously speaking out and pushing back against all the insane anti-American and anti-Christian initiatives that Obama gave progressives a green-light to force down our throats.

Thanks to Trump's outspokenness, more and more Americans have begun to see Democrats for the power-obsessed scoundrels they truly are . A female supermarket checkout clerk said this to me, my wife, and a guy wearing a "Trump 2020" cap: "I'm not supposed to say it, but I'm with you guys." Referring to Democrats, she added, "If we are not dependent, they can't pull our strings."

Everywhere I go, I see and hear from everyday Americans, black and white, who support Trump. They understand who and what we need to keep America on the road to peerless new heights of greatness.

Like that old Billy Joel song, don't go changin', Mr President. We love you just the way you are!

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Help Lloyd Spread the Truth

God instructed Pharaoh, "Let my people go."
God instructs us,"Let my people know." Spread truth.

© Lloyd Marcus




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The article explains “No third type of sex cell exists in humans, and therefore there is no sex “spectrum” or additional sexes beyond male and female. Sex is binary.”


WSJ Op-Ed: Science Confirms There Is Only Male and Female

IMO it is Trump's candid comments that make him a regular guy. He has more in common with the average Joe than any presidential politician in my llifetime. Ironically, this billionaire is an American Joe after all. 

Existentially, he's my Valentine this year. (I'm a straight guy...)

I do feel that many liberals that are opposinng Trump and trying to place  obstacles in his path, are in league with the devil. 

Surely, anyone with half a brain can see the destruction  of this country. I think President Trump is our last chance. May God Bless him.

"May God Bless him. " ...and his longsuffering family.


....In league with the devil....no doubt about it.


I'm very sure, that there is no CHANGE in President Trump.  He will remain the President that we know, but even stronger.  Another 4 years to go!!  Yay for President Trump!

Good pick, FedUp...

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