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HooRay for sanity!!! SUPER GOOD NEWS ! ! !

Added: Friday, July 1st 2022 at 5:11pm by FedUpToHere

July 1 - Supreme Court just BEHEADED the EPA and ended climate change overreach | MP3




Sorry... wonder why...

Try these:


or this one: https//www.brighteon.com/a2751c90-5506-4043-b8f2-560ec894cf40

or this one: http//www.brighteon.com/a2751c90-5506-4043-b8f2-560ec894cf40


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Its about time!!!

It's High Past Time. 

Notice New York State legislature, with their supermajority, in a special session called for the purpose, rammed through even more tyrannical, repressive, anti constitutional legislation signed into law by their Governor....

How long will it be before Tyrannical Biden Junta packs the court as a maneuver to reverse these decisions, restore the evil they have wrought?

"Tyrannical Biden Junta"

As you may know, for decades throughout Europe and the rest of the world (except the USA) have been experiencing tyrannical thugs...who have taken them down ...taken them over!!!  OneWorldOrder evil-elites and other evil-thugs.

The USA is the final straw...all others are already under the Tyrannical Thugs.

Finally, the world is now, by proxy of the thugs, hating the USA...and have climbed on-board to help the "OneWorldOrder evil-elites and other evil-thugs " in any way they can ...to take us down, too.

link does not work for me

Sorry... wonder why...

Try this one, Kat...


or this one: https//www.brighteon.com/a2751c90-5506-4043-b8f2-560ec894cf40

or this one: http//www.brighteon.com/a2751c90-5506-4043-b8f2-560ec894cf40


Let me know which one(s) work, please.

   none of them worked right...I did get to see it though I highlighted and right clicked to go over to site.

Glad you succeeded ... Good info...thanks.

SCOTUS to Hear Case That Could Give State Legislatures, Not Judges, Power to Regulate Elections The 'independent state legislature doctrine' is a longtime favorite of conservative legal thinkers and Republicans By Matthew Vadum June 30, 2022 Updated: June 30, 2022


The Supreme Court decided on June 30 to hear an important new case that Republicans hope will re-empower state legislatures to make rules for redistricting and governing congressional and presidential elections.




The U.S. Constitution grants authority to both regulate congressional elections and determine the manner in which a state chooses its presidential.


brasspounder.wk 1 hours ago

IMHO: Considering Bill Gates is a major part of the New World Order or Great Reset group and the Chinese Communist Party that is attempting to destroy the USA, the way he abuses the Non-Profit organizations to increase his wealth making him one of the wealthiest people in the world, his hold in Big Pharma and Vaccine activities, and all the lies he has told the world to get to where he is, it is not a good idea to allow him to increase his farmland ownership and allow him to further control our food supply to cause future famine in this country in order to cause our Republic to fail and be taken over by Socialist Elite extremists. He, and the Deep State, simply should not be allowed to enhance his/their power and control of the USA any further. Wake up and think, their plot is thickening! This is just another chip off of our Sovereign Republic! Don’t do it!


We asked and you answered: This week’s poll results are in. Which is more important to voters for the November elections: $5 gas or abortion? How will Democrats react to the Second Amendment SCOTUS decision? Liberty Nation readers have weighed in with their opinions.


OPEC Output Falls Short of June Target Amid Outages

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC ) and its allies, OPEC+, failed to deliver on a production increase in June as part of the cartel’s previous plan, according to a Reuters survey. The group pumped 28.52 million barrels per day (bpd) last month, down 100,000 bpd in May. OPEC had initially sought to expand output by approximately 275,000 bpd. The failure had been to involuntary declines in Libya and Nigeria, which had offset the gains made by Saudi Arabia and other large producers.

Prices Still High : August West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil futures surged $2.70, or 2.55%, to $108.46 per barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange to settle the July 1 trading session. US crude prices posted a 1.29% weekly gain, adding to their year-to-date rally of nearly 44%. Market analysts warn that prices could inch higher on tight global supply conditions.


Freedom Convoy Protesters Return to Ottawa for Canada Day

Many protesters from the Freedom Convoy and Rolling Thunder demonstrations that took Canada by storm this past winter returned to Ottawa during Canada Day celebrations. People were protesting against any remaining COVID-19 public health measures, joined by Conservative Pary of Canada leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre. Police officers permitted legal protests but promised to shut down illegal activities. Some of the coordinated events included a march to Parliament Hill, a “freedom music concert,” and a dance party. The Great White North turned 155.

Reclaiming the Maple Leaf : Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used his annual Canada Day address to reclaim the Maple Leaf flag after many claimed it was co-opted by freedom protesters. “It’s also a promise — a promise of opportunity, a promise of safety for those fleeing violence and war, and a promise of a better life,” he said. “No matter what our faith is, where we were born, what color our skin is, what language we speak or whom we love, we are all equal members of this great country.”


Why Am I Paying For This? Steve Rossiter | --Cover Story
When people can live comfortably enough off government handouts, they lose any incentive to provide for themselves.  They become a parasite on society


The Top 10 Reasons Trump Should be Speaker of the House D. Parker The top 10 reasons President Trump should be Speaker of the House. More


Aside from climate alarmists, Mother Nature is doing just fine July 2, 2022 A pair of news reports, ripped straight from the headlines, remind us that we are very puny compared to Mother Nature. More


If we lose this foundational concept, we wreck America July 2, 2022 That's why the leftists have it so firmly in their cross hairs. More


Life is a right July 2, 2022 If a right to murder exists, a right to life does not exist.  More



Three great scotus decisions in a row!

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