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EXCERPTS of 3 Decent Articles About The Trump Indictment, etc.

Added: Friday, March 31st 2023 at 5:01pm by FedUpToHere


Democracy in America on life support as President Trump is indicted March 31, 2023 The weaponization of government agencies and the justice system with an aim to outlaw political opposition is among the gravest perils have been facing the US.


Indicting Trump means indicting the Constitution March 31, 2023 If there were ever any time to for House Republicans to stand with the former president, it's now.


They're coming after you, and Trump is just standing in the way March 31, 2023 The Trump indictment should deeply disturb every American.




User Comments

I think the 24 elections will not occur...

...or will simply be "stolen" again*

...with O'Biden declaring him/them-self's as Dumbass Dictator Of The USA  (DaDOTA).


*What, REALLY , ...have the Conservatives actually done to prevent another 'steal'?

March 31, 2023 - Leftists are planning to grant ‘personhood rights’ to ‘conscious’ artificial intelligence in near future… which means AI software will be able to VOTE

( Natural News ) The movement to grant nonhuman personhood has extended from corporations to artificial intelligence, but the debate surrounding the latter is more complex than the former, according to a recently published analysis. Philosophy expert Eric Schwitzgebel and "nonhuman" intelligence researcher Henry Shevlin wrote an op-ed in … [Read More...]



March 30, 2023 - FDA says it knew about deadly bacterial contamination at baby formula factory MONTHS before product recall

( Natural News ) Roughly five months before an official recall was issued, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was already well aware of an alleged bacterial contamination issue at Mead Johnson's infant formula production plant in Zeeland, Mich. The agency recently admitted to such, revealing that the facility, which manufactures … [Read More...]


We Can Optimize Winning Republican Campaign Rhetoric
Anony Mee We know what works and what doesn’t, so a little bit of money and planning could make all the difference in getting the message out despite the media.


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