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CRITICAL! De-Couple From China, -- or else...

Added: Saturday, March 21st 2020 at 5:37am by FedUpToHere
Related Tags: china, communist, lies, bullies

" The entire Trump economic plan from Day 1 has been designed to gradually force the decoupling of the U.S. economy from China. A big part of MAGA is to bring U.S. manufacturing, supply chains and jobs back home from China. This is what Trump’s trade and tariff policies have been working to achieve." (EXCERPT)


ANOTHER EXCERPT:   Then you have the way in which Chinese investments in American media operations have turned half of the White House press corps into blatant China-Comie stooges. After a reporter for OAN, Chanel Rion, asked President Trump how he feels about so many of her colleagues basically parroting ChinaCommie/fascist propaganda in their corrupt reporting yesterday, she was mercilessly harassed by those same colleagues for the rest of the day. After harassing Rion, those corrupt reporters then turned back to parroting ChiCom talking points.

Make no mistake about this: The content and tenor of what these “reporters” put onto the airwaves is dictated from the top down in these corrupt news organizations. Most, if not all of those corporations are heavily entangled with and dependent upon ChiCom money, and money talks, with these corrupt reporters serving as the mouthpiece. This is why you see these people react so emotionally every time President Trump correctly refers to this current plague as a virus that originated in China.

Supply chains are the economy’s life’s blood. – The one saving grace of our financial entanglements with China is that China’s economy is even more reliant on American money than vice versa. When we are more dependent on a communist country for pharmaceuticals and antibiotics than we are dependent on the Middle East for oil, we are enormously vulnerable as a country. Were China not so reliant on U.S. money, we would probably already be suffering from interruptions in pharmaceutical supplies. This cannot be allowed to stand.

It is an act of outright insanity to allow the very health of our citizens to be in the hands of a communist government. This must change, and this crisis affords the President and members of congress who aren’t also in the pockets of the ChiComs the opportunity to force the change. We need new regulations requiring the entire supply chains of critical goods like pharmaceuticals to be contained within our borders.


User Comments

Meanwhile, for all of the average people confined to their homes during the current pandemic, don’t expect the truth from the highly-politicized media. Blatant Media Lies in ‘The Time of Coronavirus’ By Judi McLeod

Blatant Media Lies in ‘The Time of Coronavirus’ COVID-19 is not the only killer virus out there claiming human lives.

Mainstream and social media in trying to suppress the truth with their lies are, in essence, doing the same thing.

The first casualty of the present day media is always the Truth.

I listen to OAN for my news

Happy Saturday!!!

I check out their site daily but don't do much listening or vids online...I can get it much faster & coer more groound (evils) via reading. BUT, I see the value for others who are able to do other stuff while listening.

I also daily visit Judi McLeod's Canada Free Press...

There are rumors that China has a virus (maybe covid-19) that will be in every human on the planet like is herpes in those who contract it...which they will be able to 'turn-on' at will in areas served by 5G (heard that one yet?)...as a controlling tool to get peeps and their leaders to tow the CCP line...either kill certain peeps or areas, or make 'em sick...as they choose.

not good

Insidious...  straight from Satan

once again, another five-star post. But...100% domestic production? Seems this would be gamed against the interests of the common American by Big Pharma.  Many meds have long shelf lives. Could require drug makers to run their production through warehouses - an X month supply stored in multiple locations throughout the country as strategic reserve. Also, automate production as much as possible, store manufacturing equipment, hardware and software, documentation in secure bunkers like disused salt mines, etc. If we want to have a free society we are going to have to earn it, make it happen, fight for it

Thanks...your ideas good, too...

It will be interesting to see how things. I sure hope we bring a lot of jobs back. We have so many skilled workers and people who need these jobs. I find it interesting that some companies are already changing production to meet the needs here that are based here. 

Thankfully there are some positives...

As I just checked some of the pages I follow...I found more understanding...the understanding helps me.   This:

China Is Maneuvering for International Leadership as the United States Falters

"“As Washington falters” in its response to the coronavirus, say the authors of an article in the CFR journal Foreign Affairs, “Beijing is moving quickly and adeptly to take advantage of the opening created by U.S. mistakes, filling the vacuum to position itself as the global leader in pandemic response. It is working to tout its own system, provide material assistance to other countries, and even organize other governments.” "

More was said, too...some in USA are pushing for China to pay reparations!

Here's a link...


The events of the last few months demand we revisit our relationship with China March 25, 2020 From concealing and lying about pandemics, to making products that are garbage, to espionage and tariffs, it’s high time we revisit dealings with China. More
Spying for Chinese Communists: University Professor Pleads Guilty

Dr. James Patrick Lewis, a former professor at West Virginia University, has pleaded guilty on charges of fraud in a case that saw him working on a project backed by the Chinese Communist Party. He apparently worked under China’s Thousand Talents Plan while remaining at his tenure at the University, keeping the matter a secret....read more »

  4 Ways China Gains from the Coronavirus Pandemic


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