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ALL in Our USA need to heed German Chancellor Merkel....

Added: Friday, November 29th 2019 at 5:36am by FedUpToHere
Related Tags: germany, president, news, society


German Chancellor Merkel: We have to shut down hate speech to have a free society November 29, 2019 The Germans are not widely known for their sense of humor, much less irony. More





User Comments

Walk away from hate speech do not listen to it we have the right to do this

That's a great idea.

Love speech is so much better!!!


Angela Merkel demands banning of free speech in order to keep society free… descends into the same fascist tyranny characterized by the Third Reich
The Nazi Party and its leader, Adolph Hitler, destroyed Germany — literally — in the 1940s. World War II in Europe began because of his dreams of a 1,000-year reich, to rule the entire continent and beyond.  Following Germany’s defeat and destruction of the country — the...

Indeed, hate speech is threat speech and should be prosecuted.

That is, TRUE hate speech...not the left's idea of it...which means it is not=-OK for others but it is OK for them to be hateful/threatening

BTW, threatening, I think, is legally, "assault".

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