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#3 --Pray AGAINST the evils & evildoers - and - Pray FOR our enemies to be saved from evils...

Added: Monday, January 17th 2022 at 10:35am by FedUpToHere

The world's "elites", numbering ~1200 rich guys, desire to be the gods of the remaining 500,000 human survivors... within 10-15-20 years. -  Yes , pray for 'the elites' ...for Hell is too awful even for them!

Profit$ of Doom : Globalist Elites Doubled Wealth During Pandemic


Last year, as the world was buffeted by a coronavirus tsunami leaving forced lockdowns, supply-chain problems, economic upheaval, and poverty in its wake, global financial elites “have had a terrific pandemic” according to a report released Monday.


User Comments

Breitbart News @BreitbartNews The share of household wealth owned by global billionaires soared by a record amount during the coronavirus pandemic.

Watch for this report as world population decreases dramatically & rapidly...

"The ~1200 Global billionaires (mostly males) are openly now (& psychopathically) competing to have both the smartest, and the largest number of, offspring."


Blogster ladies:  JEFF BEZOS  WANTs YOU    

    ...are you a willing canidate?

What?  Is Bezos leasing uteri for a flush of mini-mes or what?


Thanks, ...but,I guess that because I am very much in the mainstream, 1-der, I don't understand your comment...

--whoosh! right over my head

Has he been taking action towards cloning large groups of his identical twins?

Oh, I can see the meaning now that you explain it a bit more. Thanks.  I tend to be prfetty literal / exact / narrow

ANSWER: I don't know, ...but I wouldn't doubt it!  ...he and all the other elitist males.

FedUp says... I could not agree more!

Morality of a nation and its economy are inextricably entwined Prophecy 2022 – Abortions, Tortured Animals, Gender Confusion and Fear of Pandemics Do Not Make for a Bright Future By Rev. Michael Bresciani

I n as much as prophecy is the forth-telling of the will and counsel of God from the past, the present and the future, real prophets are not Nostradamus-like mystics with a long list of quatrains.

Biblical prophecy is replete, it tells us all we need to know from beginning to end, because it was provided to us by the great Alpha and Omega (Rev 1:8) who is both the beginning and the end of all things.


FedUp: YOW!  and...  W O W ! ! !  How utterly stupid-insane is this..? ? ?

Michigan Supreme Court Blesses a Woke Inquisition Matthew Vadum | --Cover Story

Justice must take a back seat now to “diversity, equity, and inclusion."

Vidmax: ICYMI this lunacy we posted – Teacher Fired For Not Identifying Student As A Cat. Refused To Meow Back At Her
BPR: Biden administration uses deep state and media to crush dissent
Federalist: Why Ruling Class Minions Are So Suddenly Doing Damage Control On Covid

But these self-appointed overlords are simply engaged in a form of damage control, a “limited hangout.” When they can no longer hide their lies, they acknowledge the obvious in order to keep their biggest lies on life support. It’s a reframing exercise meant to preserve the wider agenda of consolidating power.

He got the COVID shot...now he's gone January 18, 2022 A beautiful young man died last week. He had just turned 15. More
So you think you are resisting January 18, 2022 If you're not taking a real risk, you're not resisting; you're just virtue-signaling. More
Abandon your principles, all ye who enter here January 18, 2022 As the world continues to dive into COVID madness, too many people willingly embrace power over principles — but the reckoning may soon be at hand. More

A broken government will never fix itself. It will double down every time. The enemy has long since crossed the Rubicon Money and Power The Abandoning of America By Ray DiLorenzo  
The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.Thomas Jefferson

I t’s a bitter thing to realize that all the institutions you trusted through these many years have turned against you. It’s a hard place to be when these institutions and concerns, governmental, medical, educational, media, and multi-nationals have abandoned everything you believe in and everything on which the country was founded.


“How often we fail to realize our good fortune in living in a country where happiness is more than a lack of tragedy.”

– Paul Sweeney

Democrats Cannot Survive One-Party Leftist Lunacy What You See in DC is the Disaster Occuring When Far Leftists Get Full Power By Kelly O'Connell    H istory contains the names of many ambitious leaders who promised paradise if trusted with power. But since earth contains no paradise, by definition, these charlatans inevitably disappoint. Calamity normally comes before their downfall. So, what’s happening now in DC is that Joe Biden has fallen on hard times and is now just a husk of a man, maneuvered as a puppet.  

Joe’s like a punch-drunk fighter who can’t gather his thoughts, so ideas must be prepared for him by his liberal minders. So, he’s an empty vessel mouthing the most profound dreams of the Democrat’s farthest radicals, ideas which cannot succeed—since paradise on earth is a hoax.


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