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#2 --It is crucial you know these things... and pray AGAINST the evils...and pray FOR the evil-doers...

Added: Saturday, January 15th 2022 at 10:09am by FedUpToHere


FACT:  THERE IS NO HUMAN POWER THAT CAN SAVE US OR ANYONE FROM THESE DEM-COMMIE-MARXIST-ONE WORLDERS.  we MUST pray for ALL who are not saved ...to be (SOMEHOW!) RECONCILED to GOD's perfect desires for humans...that is, for all humans to, as commanded, continually, more & more perfectly, "LOVE ONE ANOTHER  ...even our enemies!!!


Supreme Court betrays America and authorizes outrageous vaccine mandate

Yesterday, the US Supreme Court proved once again that it will betray the American people at every opportunity in order to forward the government's anti-human agenda that claims "they" own your body.

In a 6-3 decision, SCOTUS struck down the OSHA mandate affecting all employers with 100 or more employees, but the court affirmed the legality of the vaccine mandate for all health care workers, including those in nursing homes, hospitals, clinics and more. This decision means SCOTUS just declared the government owns your body and can force you to take experimental medical injections in direct violation of the Nuremberg Code.

If you aren't allowed to control your own body, then you don't own it. Who owns it? The government owns it, according to SCOTUS, and all they need is to grant themselves sufficient legal authorization to forcibly inject you with absolutely anything they want, even if they have to change the definition of a "vaccine" in order to do it (which is exactly what they already did). Get full details in today's featurepodcasthere.


3)   Boosters For Life? A Canadian Doctor Explains What The 3 Vaxx Shots Do To The Human Body

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"If you aren't allowed to control your own body, then you don't own it. Who owns it? The government owns it, according to SCOTUS , and all they need is to grant themselves sufficient legal authorization to forcibly inject you with absolutely anything they want, even if they have to change the definition of a "vaccine" in order to do it (which is exactly what they already did) ."

Is this only the beginning of a global nightmare? At the Cusp of a Global Nightmare? By Ray DiLorenzo

“It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.”
Attributed to Mark Twain

A s we examine the mess the Biden administration and the Democrats have made since the 2020 election, we are seeing a massive death rate rise among working-age people.

Every day I scour the news, looking for trends. What I am seeing more and more are reports of death and sickness among the very young and middle age. Athletes, pro and amateur, celebrities, school-age and pre-school children, being reported as dying days or weeks after the COVID shot. The words I see the most in the reporting is ‘died unexpectedly’.


The Horror Of Our Times Judi McLeod | --Cover Story

The audio of Linden’s controller speaking with the Minnesota Bank & Trust and Heartland Financial executive tells the whole story—a story that should be titled, ‘Living in the Horror of our Times'

They're not "attempting", they are succeeding!!!!

The Democrats Are Attempting A Coup By Lawfare Wolf Howling The attempt to disqualify Republicans as “insurrectionists” sees leftists copying the tactics of King George III and Parliament—tactics the Founders despised. More
Watch for war January 15, 2022 War is a useful tool both for failing governments and wannabe totalitarian governments. More


'After-School Satan Clubs' coming to an elementary school near you January 15, 2022 Seriously, this happened...and you wouldn't want your school to get sued, would you? More


Democrats say ID should be needed to walk the streets, but not to vote January 15, 2022 Beginning today, adult citizens wishing to walk the streets of Washington, D.C. will need to wear a mask and carry proof of vaccination with them. And possess a photo I.D. More

No one is calling the dem/commie/marxist/one-worlder evils what they are:
....................TRAITORS / TRAITORISTS!!!...................

7 year Trib coming soon

I sure hope so!

One teacher of End Times stuff says it starts when Israel is allowed to rebuildtheir Temple...offers lots of proofs.

That was my thought too. 3 1/2  yrs  in going to get way worse.

Yes, ...apparently.

I don't want to be here for it... But my family history says I prolly have 15 more years here, soooo....

Jan 14, 2022

Why Are Concrete Walls Being Constructed Around The White House?



Because the present inhabitants of our White House are traitors and afraid of the righteous/Constitutional angers of We-The-Peeps?

The Fight That Matters What Will It Take To Get America Back On Track? By Judi McLeod

T his being the first day of the rest of every person on earth’s life, isn’t it high time for Western leaders across the globe to stop fighting each other and turn all fighting efforts to the liberty and freedom of world citizens?

Some say political altruism is dead, but surely it can be dug up and revived again.

The bloodsport between Donald Trump and Joe Biden; Boris Johnson and the British Labour Party is getting more than just a little nauseating.


Munchausen's White House Deborah C. Tyler Munchausen Syndrome is deadly. And now the highest levels of our government are shot through with it. More
Munchausen Syndrome and Munchausen by Proxy are two forms of a rare, grave mental illness in which a deranged person seeks attention, power, and admiration by faking sickness and malady, including unnecessary hospitalization, in themselves or in a proxy.  The proxy is a vulnerable person over whom the unhinged person has power. ...........................................................and... Writing in the 1950s, Dr. Asher described adults coming to the hospital seeking unending care for mysterious illnesses.  He later expanded his understanding of the syndrome to include a clinical picture devoid of primary hypochondria in which a caregiver, usually a mother, was secretly inflicting or worsening illness in her child proxy to maintain medical involvement in the child's life. -...............................................................and...

Munchausen by proxy is a deadly mental disease.  When President Trump recommended proven treatments for Wuhan virus infection, such as hydroxychloroquine, he was vilified.  How many Americans have died because Biden and his chaotic excuse for an administration refuse to acknowledge the origins of the virus?  How many have died because no treatments or wrong treatments have been applied?

If demented, evil people were manipulating the medical system to harm your children, what would you do?  They are.  ! ! ! ! !

Paul du Quenoy Florida Man From Florida, Looking North Is Like Peering Over the Berlin Wall
Ira Stoll   Future of Capitalism
COVID-Borne Distrust of Doctors, Politicians Will Outlast Pandemic
FEDUP says: Personally, I'll never forget it.

Seems inevitable.

For me, regular/daily 'trust' has practically evaporated.  I am wary of most everything these days.

Republicans can no longer govern by making corrupt deals with progressive Democrats and trying to impress their enemies in the left-wing media GOP MUST FOLLOW THE VIRGINIA BLUEPRINT By Jeff Crouere   F or decades, Republican Party elected officials have tried to make nice with their Democratic Party colleagues, the liberal media and deep state bureaucrats. Instead of acting like courageous conservative leaders, they ended up delivering policies that were Democrat-lite.

This capitulation led to the catastrophe the country is now facing under the Biden administration. President Joe Biden entered office after a disputed election, with no voter mandate, but that did not stop him from launching the most left-wing agenda of any administration in American history. His first year in office has been an utter catastrophe, the worst start of any American President.


Profit$ of Doom : Globalist Elites Doubled Wealth During Pandemic

As the world was buffeted by a coronavirus tsunami leaving forced lockdowns, supply-chain problems, economic upheaval, and poverty in its wake, global financial elites “have had a terrific pandemic” according to a report released Monday.

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