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Added: Friday, October 23rd 2020 at 4:20am by fangio821
Category: Pets > Dogs > Dog Photos

These are my dogs, not all of them.  A couple missing.  Stretching over 25 years.













Cass and Reg


Ted (aka Son of Satan)


Reg looking bashful

Ted watching something out of the window

User Comments

Thanks for obliging. I have a strong tendency to be fascinated by so-called 'personality'. Personality shows in the visage. Always, I think.

Look at Son of Satan: "I didn't mean it!"

Lucy: "Oh, dear,"

Reg: "Ah, very well,"

Casper: "Are you certain?"


Awww,  its good to see all the fur babies again!

I've posted a couple more of Ted and Reg. These were taken in August and now form part of a large collection of four which we have on the living room wall.

That's a smart portrait of Ted, you added.

Thank you.  Very difficult to get a decent image of a black dog.  Everything is either in shadow or invisible.  Gla that you like it.

About Casper and Xiamen: those sorts of dogs, are they EVER not concerned about the welfare of....you name it (?) The quizzical looks on the faces of them...

You're right.  They were both wonderful dogs.  Easy to train and quite obedient.


I miss Lucy!!!

Don't say things like that Martin.  Hardly a day goes by when either Polly or myself mention her.  It's over twelve months since she died.

I know but she was special!!

Too true.  Very special.

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