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3067 Grave Dancing

Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, February 25th 2012 at 6:59am by fangio821
Related Tags: schools

Miss Thompson’s great great great grandmother was called Alice, Alice Nutter.  Alice’s mother was called Demdyke and they lived in the shade of Pendle Hill in the Forest of Bowland.

Miss Thompson was the teacher in the Top Class of St Pauls Primary School at Astley Bridge, Bolton.  She was a witch.  An evil, scrawny, thin and grey shadow of a spinster who was infatuated with a man ten years her senior, Pop Carter, the headmaster of the school.

Due to some mistake on their part I was moved to the Top Class during my final year at St Pauls.  It was an error I never recognised at the time, and in fact it would be many many years later before I came to understand that these two biased, bigoted people had the effect they would have on my life.  And perhaps if they had known how they had guided my life, they might have smugly smiled a self satisfied smirk.

Well now my beauties, ‘tis time for retribution.  What is that well known and well used saying?  Revenge is a dish best served cold.  Believe me, it’s freezing now.

A short explanation is probably due here.  The school was a church of England school, in that it was part of the church and its pupils were expected to attend the church on a regular basis.  Well, that was the original thinking behind the formation of the school when it was first built, but over the years they had been forced to take into the school children who did not attend the church but who lived in the catchment area.  I came into the second category in that I lived in a house on an estate about a mile and a half from the school.  I attended the school from age five until eleven, going from the nursery school to the primary school about the age of seven. Different building and different teachers.  Miss Thompson was the feared hag who was in charge of the Top Class.  This was the name given one of two classes which taught pupils for their final year at the school and prepared them for an examination at age eleven which woulddetermine which secondary school they went to.  There were at that time three types of secondary school.  A Grammar School which was for the more scholastically minded, a Secondary Modern which was for the dummies (that is how it was thought of at the time, and pupils destined for this school were treated like dumies) and a Technical School which taught subjects such as Technical Drawing, Metal Work and the like.

It was automatically expected by the head master and Miss Thompson that only those who went to church and lived in the posh houses near the church would go on to Grammar School.  The likes of me were very definitely going to have to settle for the Secondary School. Their attitude to the kids from the ‘wrong part of town’ was totally different from that towards the kids from other areas.   She never even spoke to us civilly preferring to screech out your name in class.  You were never allowed to forget that you came from a council house and that you did not go to ‘her’ church. 

Corporal punishment was a regular feature of life in that school.  Caning from the headmaster was unusual, but he never held back from administering it.  I would not say that he was vicious or vindictive, but he never held back either.  Miss Thompson on the other hand used physical punishment every day, and sometimes several times a day.  She would call you to go and stand by her side at her desk. Knowing what was coming you naturally enough kept as far from her as possible, but she would gently tell you to stand closer.  When you were then close enough she would point to whatever was wrong with your work whilst with her left hand she would smack you on the back of your knees, quite hard.  As you know, this is a very tender spot, and it hurt like hell. 

Physically she was a tiny person, and thin like a Whippet with long fingers like whips.  She was a pointed person.  Everything about her was sharp. Her face came to a point at the front of her nose and her skin was almost transparent so that you could see the veins on her nose.  She wore thin metal framed glasses which she would remove when she was going to administer punishment.

Even after more than fifty years I can still feel the sense of shame and embarrassment she used on me, and others in the class.  But where she failed in her attempts at embarrassment was the fact that the other kids in the class, the ones she did not pick on, viewed her with the same hatred as we who were the subject of her torment.

My only regret is that I do not know where the evil bitch is buried.  I would love to go and dance on her grave.  

User Comments

Boy, I though I had it rough at school with the other students making fun of me.

Sounds like you lived in a hell on earth at that school. Their kind of "church" treatment is one of the things wrong today with people.


Apart from this one teacher the school was actually very good.  Despite her I managed to get to grammar school, but it was touch and go at the time.

Was Miss Thompson's first name Sadie???

'They' would say "She did it for your own good and looked how fine you turned out. You should thank her!" LOL

Flattery will be you everywhere.  She was like so many teachers I had. They made up their mind on what sort of person you were and what sort of job you would have just from your home address. 

Mmmmmm--sounds like judging a book by its cover LOL

It is well known that teachers in particular make up their minds about pupils almost as soon as they meet them.  Based on what they feel about that pupils indicates how they will treat them.  It is not so common these days, but in the past it certainly was a fact.  I can think of many teachers - good ones - who fell into this category.  

Guess I was lucky--all my teachers loved me but then I was such a smart, pleasant, goodlooking, happy child.  (OMG! I typed that with a straight--meaning not laughing--- face!!!)

I can't see you ever doing anything straight!!

W-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l---Oh I really want to say something but that would be too wild even for blogster!!!  LOL

Hope your tongue heals soon!!

It's not the tongue I am talking about being straight!!!

I just thought that it might be bleeding from where you had bitten it.

Funny--I just took a picture of my bloody arm--which I plan to post post birthday--if it ever ends!!!!

What a horrid teacher!  Nowadays they're not allowed to treat children like that.

When are you leaving on your trip?

Oh she was a bad one.

Are you trying to get rid of me, asking me when am I leaving.

End of April.

Nope, actually, I don't want you to leave and be gone for so long...

I was thinking it was sometime next month, glad it's going to be awhile.

Thanks mamakat.  If I can get internet access whilst I am on the move I hope to be able to upload photos that I take plus a few words as well.  At the moment it is really exciting doing all the planning for the trip.

I don't know about Europe, but most of the hotels and motels in the US have wi-fi in the rooms, and I assume you have internet cafes.  So hopefully you'll be able to periodically update us while you're traveling.  Looking forward to seeing some great photography and stories of fun adventures as you travel across the continent.

The three hotels I have booked so far all have free wi fi, but I want to find some more outlandish sorts of places with free internet.  Unfortunately the internet access at my friends place in Minsk only has limited access.

That was a very nice dance.  Waiting to see who's grave you move on to next.

I never had teachers this bad.  Some quirky, some odd, but no real nasty ones.

She was a real bad bugger!

Are you sure there's a grave?  Looks like Miss Thompson is still alive and kickin' in some ways...; )  Sounds like a bleak Dickens novel but I loved the comparison to a Whippet; just look at the effect she had on your creativity!  Plus she also gave you dogged determination, the realization that if you could survive her, you could survive anything...                                                                                  I'm glad you squeaked by to Grammar School in spite of her...

Thank you Irish.  I am NOT sure there is a grave though.  Somewhere I feel her body lies with a wooden stake through its heart.

(lololololol)  Probably.  That happens more than we know, I'd bet...

Loved your story Fangio. I never had any teachers as bad as her, like the comment about the stake through her heart hehehehe.

Thanks Okie.  I am sure it is right.

Ah. I went to school too. The limo drive picked me up sharply at 10 and had a glass of sherry and a bisquati for the ride. Then I was met at the car by Geeves with an umbrella so I wouldn't get wet or too much sun light. The only class I hated was P.E. I found Pampering and Edification too boring. You can only get so many pedicures before the whole thing becomes ho hum. I eventually graduated and was given an honorary degree and dad bought me a Maserati to replace the old Jag. Driving last years model is so embracing.

Mmm.  I can relate to this one HOW.  Know just how your feel about driving last years model.

OMGosh, HOW your a riot! Laughing!

Time for you to publish a book, NOW!

Why now?  I've nothing much to write about.  In fact at the moment I am into week three of a sixteen week creative writing course, so maybe at the end of it something might come of it.

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