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3066 Why Do Dogs Pee Where They Do Pee

Added: Sunday, February 26th 2012 at 3:16pm by fangio821
Related Tags: pets

Lucy is a large dog, a very beautiful Golden Retriever with a character all of her own, just like every dog.  She can be mega active, romping around the floor killing one of her many stuffed toys and then without any warning, she will slump down on the floor in an almost instant comatose heap.

Many people who know me know that I have a fairly filthy habit which I try to keep hidden from the general public,  but which I now reveal to you.  Yes, I am a smoker.  I smoke a pipe and have done for many years.  So what does this have to do with Lucy?

No, you got it wrong, she doesn’t smoke, but she does accompany me when I stand at the back door of our house whenever I light up my pipe.  Being aware of the lingering smell of tobacco smoke I never smoke in a building, always either outside or at a doorway.  Gets interesting in winter, when we have one.  The habit of Lucy’s to which I refer is that of sniffing around the lawn, or any grassy area, when she wants to have a pee, or a dump. 

She will sometimes travel many yards sniffing at the ground for goodness knows what until she eventually finds the right spot.  I am sure that dog owners are past masters of having watched your dog do this.  When she finds a spot which for whatever reason she feels is suitable she will then squat and do what she has to do.

The point I am making is this.  In the case of Lucy the business end of things is about three feet from the smelling end of things.  So where she finds the suitable spot is nowhere near where she actually performs. So why the big palaver about sniffing around to find the right spot?  Beats me.  But I thought it was in interesting philosophical question to pose at this time on a Sunday evening.  Something to get the mind working before the working weeks kicks off.  Speaking of which, Liverpool beat Cardiff in the Carling Football Cup final this afternoon.  A great match which went first of all to extra time and then to penalty a shoot out.  Great match to watch.

User Comments

At least dogs have a choice.  Think now, if we had a choice outside - where would we put it?  Something to ponder.

Not sure about that.

{#gruebel.gif} {#flag.gif}

Could it be that the three foot gap is the reason they have to keep searching for the right spot?  They find it, let fly, then discover later that the right spot has avoided being sprayed yet again!  Must be terribly frustrating.

I think yours is the best solution to the question so far.  She does have a frustrated look on her face when she is squatting.  Or is that concentration?

You got me wondering, so I did a search to quench my curiosity. Here's what most of the places I found said in different ways:

Dogs mark the territory with their feces and urine. They instinctively mark over another dog's mark to declare that territory as theirs. This is not as useful to domesticated dogs, since they have to share the same territory with many other dogs in the neighborhood, but their instinct drives them to do it.


In the wild, wolves will mark their territory, and other wolves will either avoid that territory, or risk challenging the first wolf for that territory. The answer to your question is that they are searching for evidence of other dogs so they can cover their scent with their own.


Sounds good, except Lucy is the only dog in this house, so she has no need to guard against other dogs invading her territory.

But when you take her out to pee....it isn't limited to your yard is it? I have a fenced in back yard...so I wonder if no other dog has ever been in it if my dog (if I had one) would still sniff around before peeing.) But when you take them out for walks, I guess they are covering up the scent of other dogs with their own...until the next dog comes along and does the same.

You are right about when we go out for walks, but it is the same behaviour when she is in our back garden.

The world is their bathroom and what do you do in yours??????

And as ILC says--even I know that--to mark their territory--stop picking on Lucy--smoking is a worse habit than peeing--and all have to do the latter!!!

Never mind what I do in mine!! I can see you are a reformed smoker, worse than a religious convert!!!! 

I don't pick on anyone for smoking--except if Lucy did!!!

Maybe the actual right spot is 3' in any direction from the sniffed-out right spot...

No, it is always three feet behind her nose.

True.  So 3' behind is the real spot and the sniffed out spot must be the the boundary, the spot where they start smelling something that isn't doggie-dump friendly. 

I think we need to get some sort of scientist involved in solving this problem.  I need to lie down in a darkened room and meditate for a while.

They pee where some other dog has peed, covering the other dog's odor. They mark their own territory too.

"Lucy was here ".

Yes, but no other dog has been in our garden!!

Lucy has. It's instinct, too. Just in case, her smell is there warning them off.

Seems to be a bit of a waste of time to me!!

I think a dog pee's because they want to claim their territory, so if a dog pees on your bed, he must think you're shit. lol

Ah so! You crap me up!  I fink.

hahahah :) How are you feeling? I hope better!

Not too bad thanks Savaagette.  How's the job hunting going?

Good for you my dear Fangio. I'd want you to stay healthy :) It's going OK, lol I just keep trolling in interviews. Guess I just want to have fun lol

Don't we all?  Keep at it girl, you'll get there.  I have losts of faith in you.

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