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3023 I'm Sorry, Very Very Sorry.

Added: Sunday, April 8th 2012 at 8:23am by fangio821
Related Tags: animals, birds

Sittin On The Duck Of The Bay

User Comments

What a happy duck!
Love your play on words, too. Otis Redding doesn't mind one bit.

After I took the photo, I shot the duck.

It was very tasty.

You did not....

... with Orange sauce, a few new potatoes and green beans.

Mmmmm.  Delicious...

You did not.

No, I didn't.  But the thought was there.

{#violet_wink.gif} {#violet_wink.gif} {#violet_wink.gif}

Why did the duck chop down the tree? To get to the other side.

No.  It was so he could lie down on the job.

Quack!! I love animals and birds and all the creatures (other than people) put here to give us such pleasure. Nice picture!

Thanks for the laugh! Duck of the bay!

You are not sorry...you are very proud of yourself...

You are right as usual.

you sound more smug than sorry.....

Got it in one!!


We all know you are a sorry person but that's why we love you!

Did you take the picture?

Of course!

Lazy duck taking a nap.

Yep.  It was duck napping.

Feel free to Sittin On The Duck Of The Bay and don't be sorry please! LOL!

Glad you liked it.

5 stars ! The pleasure is mine, thank you , enjoy your life and share happiness with others, it is great to make the day of others! God bless you! Amen.

Like the title.  At least this time some other people noticed.

Sitting on the duck of the bay,

watching my shotgun blow it away.....

Never thougth of that.  Thanks skinny.

Love the duck and you! Hope you're swell

Feeling great thanks my little one.  Glad you like the duck, just been to take Lucy for her morning walk and she decided to chase one of them.  Bit of a no brainer, Duck 1 - Lucy 0


I never had duck meat, not that I would want to. Maybe, it's just me, ducks should be seen...not eaten. (And, besides people tell me it tastes like chicken. Uhh...doesn't everything these days taste like chicken? LOL)

It really doesn't taste like chicken - honestly.  It's stronger than chicken and far more tasty.

{#flag.gif}.....Funny! And funny category tags too!

Glad you are looking at them Sally.  I never try to be accurate with the tags.  Making interesting reading I am sure from time to time.

Thanks for keeping things interesting around here...{#basic-laugh.gif}


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