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3000 If It's Tuesday It Must Be Poland

Added: Tuesday, May 1st 2012 at 9:38am by fangio821
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You might find this hard to believe, but last night I arrived at my hotel in Lauenau (near Hanover) and after having a shower I put my weary head down on my pillow at 6pm to have a cat nap.

I woke at 8 o c'ock.  That is 0800 hrs!! I have never done that before, must have been tired.

Anyway, today left the hotel and hit the autobahn which was a lot quieter than yesterday afternoon.  Fairly scooted along.  After seeing if there was any dust on the speed beyond 120 mph I settled it down to a stead 90mph for the rest of the day, well most of it.

The weather was beautiful, the countryside fantastic - especially as I drew further and further away from Berlin into the deepest part of what we used to consider East Germany, before the wall and Communism came down. Oh yes, something hilarious I forgot to put in the short post yesterday.  I drove thorugh bits of France and into Belgium then on into Holland before finally coming to the Germany border.  The very first town I came to signposted off the motorway was a lovely little place (giving it the benefit of the doubt here) called Wankham.  I nearly crashed the car.

Anyway, more of the trip into Poland.  The difference from Germany to Poland was quite startling.  First there were only two lane in each direction, but to be honest that is all that was needed.  There was so little traffic on the road that I thought at one time they had opened it just for me.  Absolutely nothing, apart from the odd goods vehicle and a Pole or two returning home.  Blue skies again (sorry if you are not enjoying the same sort of weather - but it gets better).  Arrived at my hotel in Poznan about 3.30pm, and unlike yesterday did not go fast asleep and wake up tomorrow.  It's still today here, Tuesday.  Keep with it!!

No, I took myself off for a walk into the centre of the town to see what it was like.  I had been out of the hotel for no more than ten minutes when there was a clap of thunder and the heavens opened, forcing me to seek shelter with two rather attrctive young women under an overhang from a shop.  They smiled at me but gave me the impression they thougth I might be a relative of the original dirty old man, so I just took pictures instead.  That calmed them down at first but then it seemed that they thougth I was going to ask to take pictures of them.  I carried on with my pictures until the rain stopped and they ran off in the opposite direction to the one I was going in.

And I mean rain!  This is after five minutes.

This is a tram going through the same junction

If you look very very closely you can see my reflection in the glas windows opposite to where I was sheltering.

And then it stopped.  This is an ice cream I bought to make myself feel better after seeing the bloke with the black Union Jack flag on his tee shirt.  They were both soaking.  Idiots!

Amazing what you get to see if you just pop your head (and the other attached bits) through an archway in the nice fine expensive shops on the front street.

I thougth this was very nice, and a good idea I have only seen before in Italy.  Bikes parked in the centre of the street for anyone to hire for any length of time.  You just put your money in the machine on the left and select your bike.  I understand that if you do not bring it back when your time is up, a large spike shoots up through the middle of the seat.

And finally, this is the fairly attractive street I walked down.  On the right are the old original buildings which are quite beautiful, and on the left the new modern ones.  Normally I would not give new buildings the time of day, but without exception, these were evidence of a lot of time and effort having been expended.  Very nice.

So, that's your lot for today peoples.  I am shortly to get dressed and take myself off for an Italian meal this evening in the hotel restaurant.  I might have a beer or three.

I don't need to have an early start in the morning Warsaw is only about 180 miles away, so I might try and find a route through the countryside instead of ploughing up the motorway.

Or as your might say, "Do widzenia" or alternately, "Zadzwonic po straz pozarna!"

Look it up if you are that interested!!

User Comments

They are experimenting with the 'bike thing' here in Fort Lauderdale--seems to be working fine--they are also trying 'rent a car' for $9 an hour including insurance & gas.

Okay I can go to Poland--they have 'Carvel'--soft ice cream.

We had tremendous downpours here all weekend--had to cancel Air Show Sunday.

I'm not one to say anything or start trouble but maybe, just maybe, if you had said hello to the women you would have had an interesting blog to post, among other things!!!

Hey Old Man, trips are for adventures--not things you would do at home!!! LOL

Actually, I did say hello to the women.  That's what got me the looks. Oh well, you can't win em all.  But I will keep on trying.

Off to Warsaw tomorrow, for three days.  Should be interesting.

Did they speak English??? From now on speak only to those who don't! (Speak English that it.)

The difficulty is finding someone who does NOT speak English.  Apart from Americans from certain states......

You speak Polish???

Fluidly!  Especially after a few beers.

Yep I can see you spitting that fluid!

{#apploud.gif}Absolutely stunning! thank you so much for sharing and loved this quote

  I understand that if you do not bring it back when your time is up, a large spike shoots up through the middle of the seat.  HOW might appreciate this quote:)

see you haven't lost your sense of humor! Motor on!

Thanks okie - will do.

Tell me, how can you see such beauty in the country side when you are going that fast?  I'm glad you didn't have to drive in the downpour of rain.  Enjoy and stay safe.

It's been raining on and off since I posted this.  Should be fun tomorrow.

The secret of driving in the rain and seeing such beauty?  It's a MAN thing.

OK off to bed now.  Night night.

Wonderful pics...sounds like you're having a great time.  Stay safe and continue to update us.

Having a great time thanks apart from the mobile phone company letting me down. Weather is fantastic, other than a thunder storm this afternoon which got me a bit wet, but otherwise, wonderful!!

I like that you popped your head (and the other attached bits) down the alley and we got a peep  of whats behind the glitter and fancy restaurants. 

I always like popping my bits down back alleys.

I would so enjoy making the trip you're doing. Loved my driving trips through Germany, Austria and the Netherlands years ago. Sounds just great. Enjoy!

Thanks Martne, it is great.  WEather is perfect, scenery tremendous, food, great, what can I say.  Come and join me!!

What a treat that would be. But I'm famous for meandering, so you might not stay on your timetable.... lololol

Loved the pictures and post.  That rain looks pretty intense.  Now, for a few other comments:

1) We could care less about your reflection.  Where is the reflection of the two attractive ladies?{#angry.gif}

2) Liked that ice cream picture, nicely composed.  Back alley good too, just to see what's behind the glitz.

3) Liked the bike row, great idea.  That pic of the modern versus old buildings was nice for contrast, but also I think they did indeed do a pretty good job with the new buildings, as they actually look interesting and beautiful.

4) Now, as for that bicycle seat spike, wonder if that's how they get the source of cheap kebob for lunches?.......

Don't know about the kebabs, not come across them yet.

I hope to find more back alleys, always liked going up back alleys now and again.

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