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Added: Friday, May 4th 2012 at 11:48am by fangio821
Related Tags: religion, vacation

Here are a few of the photos which I took on the ferry coming over from Dover to Dunkirk which I took with my mobile, and due to technical didiculties (not being able to work the mobile phone once I left England) I have only just got them up on the laptop to put on here.  Fingers crossed.

First light of dawn spreadking from the east.

Reflections through the restaurant window

Lifeboat davits

Now this one, you will like.

I was trying to work out how to get a ticket from the tram/bus ticket machine at the bus stop.  Not easy as it was all in Polish.  Anyway. there were two ladies in black aka Nuns, waiting for the bus so I asked this one if she would help me, and she did.  I bought the ticket, got some change (miralce - is that the nun's influence do you think ) and stood by until the bus came along.

As I was waiting I asked the other one (the one you cannot see because she is taking the picture) if she would take our photo on my phone.  She agreed.

Now, you can believe this or not, but it's true.  I never realised that what I had printed on my tee shirt might be a bit embarrasing.  Anyway, she didn't read Engluish so it was alright in the end.  She didn't seem to mind.

(Just in case your eyesight is not what it should be Martin, it reads, "I'm not wearing anything under this tee shirt".


Oh yes.  It's Friday evening as I type this and I am leaving Warsaw in the morning to go to Minsk.  I am not too sure what the internet connection is going to be like at my friends, so please do not start to call out the coastguard if you do not hear from me for a day or three.  If you are that concerned, call the British Embassy in London.  Telelphne number is 00 44 845 850 2829.

User Comments

Nice pics!  Love the sunset.

Sounds like you're having a pretty good time.  Hope you're able to find your friend while you're there.

OOOPS!  Sunrise, I meant!

The sunrise pictures are wonderful....!  I love the nun and you standing together ....its such a hoot with you wearing the tshirt!

Cant wait to see Minsk!!  Be careful!

Thanks for telling me what it said!!!! (See I AM being nice!)

How come you didn't put your arm around the Sister?

What she didn't tell you is that she was naked under her clothes, too!

Never thougth of that.

{#rofl.gif} That T shirt and the nuns is just too much.....

Liked that reflection picture from the ferry, very nice.


{#eyes.gif} and awesome Fangio! The nun and t-shirt=priceless!

Great picture of the sunrise and the picture of you and the nun is priceless! :)

Nice pictures and it looks like fun.

The nuns are probably looking up the words on an online translator right now and laughing...

{#thumbs_up.gif} {#thumbs_up.gif} {#thumbs_up.gif}

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