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Will grocery prices ever go down?

I'm sure we are all saying the same thing about grocery store prices. I know I say something every time I leave a store. Today I bought a item on sale for $2.99 regular price $4.99. You may think...... Read More
Posted by sfeastbay with 13 comments

Ghosted at Church

Let me start out by saying I'm not referring to The Holy Spirit in this post. I have a few disavantages as far as being a church member goes. I don't have large amounts of money to give. I d...... Read More
Posted by Zoey-Mae with 9 comments


Well, I hit my 50 lb weight loss goal this week! I had caught a cold, and wasn't up for walking, so I mostly rested and ate very little. I wanted to make sure that being sick didn't derail m...... Read More
Posted by maggiesnextphase with 8 comments

Movie Theatre & Streaming Reviews March 2023 Part 4

1) "Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris"--Prime Amazon--British film--1 hour & 55 minutes--Synopsis: an ordinary woman dreams of going to Paris and buying a Christian Dior dress--turns out Mrs...... Read More
Posted by greatmartin with 7 comments

Just Want To Be Done With It All

I had an epiphany this moring while I was taking a bath. I don't want to be an executrix or an administrator for my mother's estate. I don't want anything she has (except for some of h...... Read More
Posted by AmalaTsering with 7 comments

Women's Rights and Issues Concerning Pregnancy

I'm a member of a group on Facebook named "Childfree and Loving It" and made a post about how my sister wants her tubes tied or wants a hysterectomy, but the doctor told her she'...... Read More
Posted by Troll2016 with 7 comments

I dumped both of those other sites that I was trying, so, yep, until Rica kicks me out your stuck with me.

Some moderators, you give them a little power, and they become instant dicks. I dumped Gab for a lack of communication, and My Boomer Place because of a moderator being a dick head to me. I was havin...... Read More
Posted by rantshack with 6 comments

Trusting Jesus

I'm trying to pull together some money because my brother and sister are handing all the household bills over to me. I tried selling things with no luck. I don't know what I'm going to...... Read More
Posted by MarissaG with 5 comments

AMOD: Looking at the Nashville School Shooting through a different Lens!! "Beauty Instead of Ashes....Praise Instead of Despai

PERSONAL OPINION/COMMENTARY: "Beauty Instead of Ashes, Joy Instead of Mourning, Praise Instead of Despair" Isiah 61:3 Last weekend I attended an "Ashes for Beauty Summit and Ceremony...... Read More
Posted by AMODPOVW with 4 comments

Marie Leveau: Fact and Fiction

All of the above pictures sare representations of a legend of New Orleans - one Marie Laveau. And not only was she a legend, she was a real person. By the way, the picture on the right in the first r...... Read More
Posted by VickieCollins with 3 comments

H.e.e.e.r.e Comes... 666 ...The Mark Of The Beast! ! ! ! !

EXCERPT: It's now abundantly clear that the White House, Treasury & Fed Reserve are waging a war against crypto & small...banks ... as they... roll out a digital dollar "The Beast Sy...... Read More
Posted by FedUpToHere with 3 comments

Trivia Question 3290

What pop singer-songwriter once played the piano at the Executive Lounge in Los Angeles under the name of William Martin...... Read More
Posted by BrotherDocs with 2 comments

The New Normal Isn't What You Expected?

Aww that's sad, I'm sorry to hear. If you were OK with the lockdowns that caused disruptions, then you should be OK paying triple for eggs. These are among the consequences of ceding authori...... Read More
Posted by Jayyyohhh with 2 comments

Response to advocacy for "assault weapons" bans

As politicians – and Media pundits/moguls – advocate and promote banning “assault weapons” – in the wake of the transgender woman that murdered 6 Christians (3 adults an...... Read More
Posted by tjdonegan with 1 comments

Nachteile des Imports von Kinderbekleidung berücksichtigt werden

Blumenmdchenkleider sind ein perfektes Beispiel aus der Kinderbekleidungsindustrie, das bei der Bewertung der Vor- und Nachteile des Imports von Kinderbekleidung bercksichtigt werden sollte. Dies li...... Read More
Posted by hakameni with 0 comments

Great Blogging Advice That You Can Experiment With

Whether or not you're merely wanting to variety about a pastime you have or if you wish to make an attempt to have a company, commencing your blog could possibly be worthy of your concern. Prior...... Read More
Posted by arianneculpepper with 0 comments

Need to have Guidance For Operating a blog? Top Tips Here!

Operating a blog is a marvellous method of getting what you would like to state out to the world, making a tiny funds the process. There are lots of ways to go about this, and this information is fill...... Read More
Posted by lloyddeleon126 with 0 comments

Get Your Website The Eye It Needs Now

Blogs can have a significant effect on many people's day-to-day lives. If your objective is usually to get effect, blogging may be a smart way of performing so. Continue reading for useful tips o...... Read More
Posted by clararocha1297 with 0 comments

Here Are Several Outstanding Recommendations On Writing a blog For Yourself!

Running a blog is an excellent way of getting what you would like to say out around the world, and make up a tiny money accomplishing this. There are many techniques to carry out this, and this articl...... Read More
Posted by nicoleoverton with 0 comments

Locate Out The Greatest Way To Use Your Blog

Do you want to construct a larger potential of business for your enterprise? Do you want the edge over your competitiveness? Then you need to read through through this report and determine out how run...... Read More
Posted by nicolasteixeira with 0 comments

Heidelberg West Adult Entertainment Club

Consistently good reviews recommend My Alibi and the professional but warm welcome is something regulars keep coming back for. You can also book erotic and sensual massage with the girls at Studio 466...... Read More
Posted by stantonmonrad55ufubai with 0 comments

Why Residential Rubbish Removal is the Best Option for Your Junk?

Getting rid of your old junk can be a hassle and time-consuming. You have to worry about transporting it, finding the right Rubbish Removal Company to take it away, and ensuring you dispose of it in a...... Read More
Posted by ajwbrokers with 0 comments

Avoir l'air et se sentir bien au bal commence par porter

Se dmarquer du reste de quoi il s'agit en 2011. Certaines des robes de bal les plus avant-gardistes sont fabriques par les meilleurs designers comme Faviana, La Femme, Tony Bowls, Jasz, Terani...... Read More
Posted by brasecer with 0 comments

What You Ought To Learn About Your Site

Blogging is one of the speediest developing trends in today's computerized era, but you may still find some people who aren't positive what operating a blog is exactly and what it requires t...... Read More
Posted by hildafrankfurter with 0 comments

Blogging For Bucks: The Best Way To Succeed From Your Benefits Who Know

If you'd love to start a blog site and make dollars, try incorporating something such as Google Google adsense to your web site. Each and every time somebody click throughs the adverts, Search en...... Read More
Posted by andrewmontoya12 with 0 comments

How To Create A Website That Really Will get Study!

Do you wish to make a larger sized prospective of economic to your enterprise? Are you wanting the benefit over the competitors? Then you should browse through this article and figure out how writing...... Read More
Posted by vedascrivener7 with 0 comments

principalmente perché mostra più pelle di qualsiasi altro vestito

Nessun vestito pu offrire uno sguardo cos stuzzicante sul dcollet pur mantenendo una sensazione di classe e glamour. La lunghezza della gonna su un abito senza spalline fa una grande differenza ne...... Read More
Posted by bevayere with 0 comments

Solid Guidance For Making Money Using A Modern technology Blog

Writing a blog can be a good way to generate income, or it can be a personalized log of your own property. Whatever your reasons, ensure that you learn how to make your blog skilled and profitable. In...... Read More
Posted by hwathibodeau521 with 0 comments

Technological innovation Operating a blog For The Rookie And Seasoned Blog writer

A crucial part to developing an internet based presence nowadays is by operating a blog. Writing a blog increases your publicity internet and lead to a lot of opportunities. You will get your voice ob...... Read More
Posted by danialc7256501 with 0 comments

Want Writing a blog Information? Be Sure To Read This!

On the internet writing a blog is definitely an often, misunderstood tool for producing consumer confidence and setting up a relationship together with your customers. Relax and prevent the uncertaint...... Read More
Posted by sbkmarielsa1 with 0 comments

Do You Want To Start Up A Technical Website? Look At These Tips!

If you are a novice to the field of writing a blog, you are one of many. Just , the word didn't even exist. Right now, it is a typi...... Read More
Posted by pedrogomes19781 with 0 comments

Melbourne brothel Heidelberg

This place has a modern and inviting atmosphere. The ladies come from all over the world, but there are plenty of ‘girl next door’ types for those who prefer young Aussie women. Facilities are mod...... Read More
Posted by cunninghamrosales32ksrzj with 0 comments

Balina Avcısı App Uygulaması

Balina Avcısı yazılımı bir kripto sinyal platformudur ve yatırımcıların kripto ticaret deneyimlerine balina sinyallerini dahil ederek daha fazla başarı elde etmelerini sağlamayı amalamak...... Read More
Posted by analizblogu with 0 comments

Straightforward Methods For Improving The Unexperienced Blogger

Select please click the next internet page if you'd prefer to start up a website. Any extent appealing,that you'd want to mention with other people, is a superb place to begin. Understand th...... Read More
Posted by carlosvaz97377 with 0 comments

Gaziantep Çilingir Hizmetleri

Gaziantep ilingir hizmeti anahtar, kilit gibi unsurların tamir ve montaj işlerini yapmaktadır. Bu hizmet, zellikle kapıların aılmadığı ya da anahtarının kaybolduğu zamanlarda maddi hasa...... Read More
Posted by girisimblogu with 0 comments

How You Can Continue to keep Readers Going Back To Your Blog For More

Bloggins is regarded as the well-known operate-from-residence career opportunity out nowadays. Lots of people make an effort to blog site annually and no matter what your causes of looking to set up a...... Read More
Posted by quinntimbery with 0 comments

Massage Parlour Heidelberg

Testimony of witnesses sister Lily, Ivy SILLITOE, 11 years and Bella SHEARER, 9 years on file. Case not proceeded with. 11 pages, List 111. Query in 1902 whether he can be charged with an offence as h...... Read More
Posted by RozaKuchmina with 0 comments

When Everything Else Falters With A Tech Blog, Start Using These Recommendations!

Making additional dollars by offering Yahoo Google adsense with a blog site is not difficult in addition to enjoyable. Pick a popular topic, a treadmill that you happen to be really acquainted. The gr...... Read More
Posted by bevw26433365 with 0 comments

Heidelberg West Adult Entertainment Club

Following a recommendation from Fiona Patten – former Sex Party, now Reason Party MP – the Andrews Government has announced they will move to decriminalise sex work. “Brothel owners and operator...... Read More
Posted by ricejakobsen03svvpnh with 0 comments

Gaziantep Çilingir Hizmetleri

Gaziantep ilingir hizmeti anahtar, kilit gibi unsurların tamir ve montaj işlerini yapmaktadır. Bu hizmet, zellikle kapıların aılmadığı ya da anahtarının kaybolduğu zamanlarda maddi has...... Read More
Posted by seoblogun with 0 comments

Balina Avcısı App Uygulaması

Balina Avcısı yazılımı bir kripto sinyal platformudur ve yatırımcıların kripto ticaret deneyimlerine balina sinyallerini dahil ederek daha fazla başarı elde etmelerini sağlamayı amalama...... Read More
Posted by sosyalmedyablogun with 0 comments

Hair Transplantation Center in Turkey

مستشفى كلاس هير توجد في تركيا مدينة اسطنبول (وهي من أجمل المدن على مستوى العالم ) مستشفانا مجهزة بأحدث الآلات ا...... Read More
Posted by sosyalimlemeblogun with 0 comments

ما هو الكلاموكسيل؟

ايش الكلاموكسيل؟ كلاموكسيل Anti حيوي، يضم على العنصر النشط الأموكسيسيلين الذي ينتمي إلى عدد من البنسلينات، ودو...... Read More
Posted by egyptantksa with 0 comments

Blogging Support You Will Not Locate Elsewhere

Blogging has turned into a good idea for individuals to generate money right now. There are tons of individuals that website and consequently build a fantastic reputation on the web. They really earn...... Read More
Posted by beatricegoldsbro with 0 comments

A Guide to Melbourne Brothels

GLASSON, Lucy, Koorootang, wife of Rev. Henry, who was 87 years old. She asks police in 1905 to force Percy Edward HUBBARD, who was at Carlton, to support their daughter, his wife, and four children...... Read More
Posted by vsevolad56pa with 0 comments

Aspects to Consider Once You Play Casino Slots Online

Did you know that you are able to play casino games online? Lots of people are amazed once they discover that they may play thrilling games like craps, roulette, blackjack, and slots online as well a...... Read More
Posted by johanmichel with 0 comments

Blogging Success: It May Be The one you have

Operating a blog is now an essential part of how many individuals market their organizations or merchandise today. Possessing the capability to advertise oneself on the web is an excellent tool to get...... Read More
Posted by nathanh83891 with 0 comments

Miami Shores Chiropractor | Power Chiropractic

Are your health problems preventing you from doing what you love or from expressing your fullest potential? Do you struggle with pain, lowered immunity, poor energy or lack of sleep? Are you frustrate...... Read More
Posted by PowerChiropractic with 0 comments

Looking For Dependable Running a blog Advice? Read This!

Running a blog is a interest that numerous diverse individuals can get pleasure from. If you'd like to start off a website about cooking, for example, you can publish movies of a person getting r...... Read More
Posted by onabeaumont48 with 0 comments


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