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How to get no-contract use of the UK’s premium fitness centres

Added: Tuesday, June 20th 2017 at 7:06am by Esquared
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The need to stay fit at all times doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Both males and females of all ages want to feel healthy and fit. But it is not always easy. Fitness on demand is the new revolution in keeping fit, by addressing the pain points and excuses of people who may find going to the gym a challenge.

Some of these may be:

·         I don’t want to sign a contract

·         I travel around a lot and it would be a waste of money to join a gym

·         I can’t find a fitness class that suits me

·         The fitness sessions are not at convenient times

·         I don’t have time to find a gym session nearby

·         The gym near me has outdated facilities

These problems have seen a rise in fitness on demand solutions that allow users to find a gym class that suits them wherever they are. They offer flexible options that don’t require memberships, such as pay-as-you-go, on-demands gyms and gym passes.

Stay fit and happy

Keeping fit has been linked to an overall sense of happiness especially if it forms part of a regular lifestyle routine. Many gym goers prefer working out at a gym class rather an at home alone, as joining a fitness class is a fun way to stay fit with others, and offers a lot more motivation to attend regular gym sessions.

Multiple fitness class options

Although you have plenty of options available as far as gyms are concerned, some gyms are definitely more appealing than others. The latest boutique fitness studios which are opening upeverywhere,nowoffertruly innovative classes with great music and the best facilities. The downside is that many require you to enter into a lengthy gym membership contract that is often difficult to get out of if you moveawayorareunabletopay after a setback. Others only offer one type of class, which doesn’t suit everyone. These very high charges and membership requirements as well as lack of fitness choices, often keep people away from joining a gym.

What to people want from a gym?

People want the flexibility of a number of classes to choose from at a time and place that is convenient for them. They also want access to premium gyms with world-class equipment, the latest classes, expert trainers and the option to pay just for the class they attend, instead of entering into a signed contract that may include hidden costs or facility restrictions.  

How can you get easy access to the most sought-after gyms in the country?

The E2 app addresses all these issues and has designed an app that offers fitness on demand. It’s a pay-per-class system that removes the need for a gym membership . This innovative gym finder app allows you to find a premium gym near you, select a 2-hour fitness class and only pay for that visit. The E2 app offers you access to the most exclusive gyms wherever you are and at a time that suits your schedule.

How do you access the app?

The app can be downloaded from Google Play or A ppStore .

What are the benefits of using E2

                The app offers the following exclusive benefits:

·         You can find your premium two-hour gym sessions or one-off classes in real time;

·         There are no membership or contract commitments

·         You get to enjoy the total flexibility of ‘fitness on demand’

·         You can choose from a list of different types of fitness classes at premium centres and book any class on any day that it is available.

·         The app is free to download

Train with your friends

The app allows you to invite friends and family to join your class or session which makes keeping fit social and fun.  

Choose from a range of fitness sessions

The E2 app gives you the freedom to keep fit however you would like. Users can choose from a wide range of options such as:

·         Swimming,

·         Running,

·         Rowing,

·         Spinning

·         Boxing

·         Martial Arts

·         Dance

·         Toning

All at the UK’s most exclusive fitness centres.

Its free to join and open to anyone

The E2 app is free to download so start booking your two-hour gym sessions and one-off classes today. Click here and to send your details for more information.   http://www.esq2.com .  





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