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Added: Thursday, May 16th 2019 at 12:25pm by epiphanettes

Get ready, war’s coming…

We haven’t had a good one since the Iraq thing, and Afghanistan is pretty much done. Nobody cares anymore about that primitive dustbowl. Iran is next.

It’s a common misconception that war is about killing the enemy. It isn’t. It’s about disrupting finances, causing hardship, destabilizing, and realigning powerful and not-so-powerful nations, but first and foremost, it’s about economics.

In the old day, war was simpler. You needed land to grow food, and men to harvest and be soldiers whenever necessary. When Rome got too big to be self-sustaining, the emperors conquered Germany, Gaul, England and Egypt. Outposts were set up and land given away. Rome thrived, for a time, until its borders got too distant and tenuous and the empire fell.

In modern times, war is stupendously good for everything and everyone except the people who are wounded and die and their families, and the survivors of defeat. It’s also wonderful at creating smokescreens. You get involved in a conflict, the smaller issues besetting an invading nation get lost. Infrastructure, social needs, political divide, logic and smarts, all go out the window.

It’s good for manufacturing because war-time economies thrive with new machinery, arms, equipment and inventions. It’s good for employment. It helps the military get more money and more stars on their epaulets. It creates heroes and great media stories, some of which might even be true.

John Bolton, the Captain Kangaroo look-alike and the slug’s National Security Advisor, was one of the principal architect of the war in Afghanistan, a dismal failure that brought nothing to either country but pain and suffering. He wants war. Look out.

Right now, we’re poised. The arrow is notched and the bow is drawn.

Trump’s sole success (and really, it was Obama’s, not the slug’s) is that the economy was charging along at a pretty good pace, with unemployment falling and production growing. The China embargo is going to bring this to a halt by harming small manufacturers who operate on skinny profits, and raising costs of basic materials imported from the East. It will cost the average American about $76 a year, not a princely sum but one that’s just large enough to matter. For an average couple, $76 is dinner and a movie but maybe not a baby sitter.

War will stir the blood of the right-wing and chill that of the left, which is exactly what the slug wants. His xenophobia will be satisfied by destroying non-American lives overseas, a goal he has attempted and failed at here.

War will further damage America’s reputation held by its present and former allies. We have already lost much respect among our erstwhile friends. They will not fight a war alongside us. They’ve learned their lessons—that Trump always chooses the wrong man to back, and, in the end, is not to be trusted under any circumstances.

So if we fight Iran, we may have the Saudis on our side, led by yet another murderous autocrat, and we will be judged by the company we keep.


User Comments

Gotta say your 2nd paragraph reveals you to be something of a Marxist sort. You're so focused on economics that you can't see that there is another reality outside your head. I might grant you that some, or even many, wars are sparked by economic envy or financial need but the opposition is always 100% motivated by self-preservation. That in itself represents 50% of the combatants in any war. 

trump seems to think a war will help him get reelected, so fasten your boots, and get ready... cause it's more than likely it's coming. He even mentioned that a few years back when obama was running for reelection. 

Hmmm, our guys in Iran, Putin's in Venezuela...another hot cold war?  Or cold hot war?

Doesn't matter.  People are gonna die.  But then they always do anyway.

Besides, Boeing stock has to recover.

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