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I Voted

Added: Saturday, October 17th 2020 at 7:34am by epiphanettes

I voted yesterday. I got to the polls shortly after they opened at 1 p.m., and already the line waiting to enter the McLean community center stretched and wound 600 yards. The sky was the color of dead fish and spewed an intermittent misty rain. Everyone wore masks and kept a distance between those behind and those in front. It took two hours, from start to finish, shepherded by volunteers, one of whom recognized me from my World Bank days.  

A lady in an ill-fitting red wig handed out Republican ballots instructing conservatives how to vote. A rail thin elderly man wearing both suspenders and a belt—a pessimist, I gathered—did the same for the Democratic ballots.

The voters were overwhelmingly white, as is McLean. This was not a social event. It was not a cheery crowd. It was stoic, determined, and mostly silent. There were no protestors with or without firearms, no police, no one trying to shift opinions. Neither were there camaraderie and idle conversation. The voters looked just short of grim. They had a job to do and were willing to stand and shuffle for two hours to exercise their voting privilege.

I had been obsessing for weeks about voting. I had registered early and considered going to the Fairfax government center until a friend told me the wait there was five hours. That was longer than my body would tolerate.

I desperately wanted my vote to be counted, though. I had voted in the last presidential election safe in the conviction that a blonde buffoon could not possibly be elected, and I was wrong. Now my stomach turns when I think of the damage done to this amazing country over the last four years. I now firmly believe that another Trump term will damage the US beyond repair. The number of people willing to sacrifice their afternoon to stand in line showed me I’m not the only one riddled with angst. Still, I worried about the quotidian, about going to the toilet, about having leftmy umbrella in the car. About being at the right place at the right time. About what I would do or say if challenged. My concerns were unfounded. The man in front of me asked if I’d save his place in line while he went to the bathroom. Minutes later, he returned the favor.

We shuffled forward, the distance to the center’s doors counted in feet and minutes. I filled out the ballot, listened to the volunteers’ instructions, slid the thing into a scanner. There. Done.

I left with a deep sense of relief, smiled at the people still in line. My illegally parked car hadn’t been ticketed. The sun broke through the clouds. I went to Starbucks and got an espresso and a donut. Life was good.


User Comments

The United Nations, Fake News Media, BLM/ANTIFA, George Soros, Starbucks, World Bank, the Harris 2020 campaign and Chi-na appreciate your support.

You’re so ignorant, when you are asleep America’s IQ actually increases

That's literally impossible.

I'm sorry you're so miserable.

I've always wondered by people don't have the balls to state who they are when they say something stupid, as you did. Cowardly, really, just like your idol right?

That's good to know! I'm sure you will make your vote count too, 'cause you're a good American!

Well, you liberals once understood what it's like the be the actual counterculture... but now that the political right finds itself with that distinction, I have no choice but to make my vote count as a good American. Nothing says we've lost our way more than the left becoming the dominant culture. That spells doom for everyone.

Besides, y'all are counting dead relatives, imaginary friends and pets. I damn sure better make my vote count.

Everything evens out. You're voting for morons and criminals. Y'all go right ahead...

I went and voted yesterday as well. It was slightly different.  Tried to go earlier in the day but the bathroom issue and the 3-4 block line deterred me.  I finally got in line at 3pm or so, and stood in line for 2 and a half hours.  The difference was that apparently most of the ones right around me were of the same mind about getting trump out of the office.

We talked to each other, people passed out food, even a whole packaged dinner of a sandwich with a pasta salid brough by some organization to show appreciation to the voters.

It was a very long ballot here, but I had written down my choices so it took very little time to actually vote and I came away feeling hopeful and almost like I wished I could keep up with some of those in line. 

I admire you for doing so with what you are going through while others will have nothing but stupid excuses except the true one--they are too lazy!

I hope everyone does vote, this election is probably the most important in this lifetime for all Americans.

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