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And Furthermore

Added: Thursday, July 11th 2019 at 6:29am by epiphanettes

  This will be brief.

I find it fascinating that the pro-Trump response to yesterday’s Epiphanettes did not once address the issues brought up. I was informed that some people favored him, but not why. A woman wrote that it takes a strong man to withstand what the Democrats have thrown at him, but she failed to acknowledge that Trump has at every turn defied the law of the land. Am I to understand that pro-Trump women approve of pussy-grabbing, sexual predation and infidelity?

This makes me believe that perhaps we have reached a new Age of Forgiveness, which would be wonderful if it were all-inclusive, but it isn’t. We forgive the rich and the powerful their sins, but not the poor, the migrants, the refugees, the people of any color other than white and any faith other than Christianity. We forgive the killers of children by not allowing laws governing the licensing of guns. We forgive leaders who are murderers and embrace them. All these are issues Trump could address but chooses not to, and none have a thing to do with Democrats, Independents, Greens, Yippees (I’m showing my age here), environmentalists, women soccer stars, or vocal minorities of any stripe.

I remain unimpressed.


User Comments

I remain unimpressed with your post. You mixed some facts with a shitload of stereotypical BS and you expect that to reasonate?

Did you ever consider that women who voted for Trump are not ONE SINGLE ISSUE voters? Why are you trying so desperately to be ashmed of Trump for them? What business is it of yours? You're not doing anything that CNN doesn't do all day long, which is virtue signal. People are sick of it!

You sound like every other leftist in America with the same tired talking points.

and you, once again, have avoided responding to the issues I've brought up, which is symptomatic of Trump followers. It's called denial...

What exactly is it you would like addressed? There was just so much crap about men wanting to be Trump that I perhaps missed your point? Are there some in this country exactly as you described? Sure, but so what? There are worse than that.

How about that he's a serial liar, sexual predator, deadbeat, and has lowered the presidency to his own sad level of incompetence.

How about I disagree with your assessment? Why it is that you leftists always throw your opinions around like they're facts?

Trump has exposed this entire Government's sad level of incompetence even more than was previously noticeable (if that's possible). The entire system is a JOKE and I've always felt Trump, flaws and all, is exactly the POTUS this country deserved.

I think perhaps you were a little too comfortable in thinking things were OK before Trump? They weren't. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

How does trump expose the entire governments sad level of incompetence? By breaking every level of legality and having people ignore legal supenos, and making absurd emergency executive orders? By pardoning people who he was a willing co-conspirator in illegal acts? 

As to things being OK before trump, maybe not, but the world felt much safer and secure than they do now. 

How many presidents held private meetings with dictators and agreed with them over their own intelligence communities? 

Do you actually believe anything you said, or is it just more lip service?

Skip, I won't waste my time with someone who doesn't know shit about my Governemt. If you wanna get in the debate, then get in the debate. But I don't care to interact the way you do. I'm looking for intellectually honest people and you're not it.

You're so far out in left field you're in the stands eating corndogs.

eat shit and die scott, have a graet fucking day...


Grow up and learn how to have an actual conversation, Skip. In 6 years you've never shown me once you can do it.

sorry Scott, just pissed off at the world today...

No worries Skip.

Always willing to discuss our differences on Trump, but I have to do it one issue at a time or I can't think straight.

I don't know about leftists, but these ARE facts....

We forgive the killers of children by not allowing laws governing the licensing of guns.

NOT a fact. That's your opinion and it's virtue signalling. Just because I oppose more Government infriging on  the 2A doesn't mean I forgive killers. It's such an absurd statement.... but one fitting for this site for sure lol

You're right. My mistake--'forgive' is the wrong word. The correct word is 'enable.' Can you deny that?

100% deny it. Criminals don't care about the law so how would I be enabling anything? I think what you want it total government control or a full ban. You're the enabler.

Before you profess any more absurd opinions, read 1984. George Orwell. Freedom is slavery. War is peace. You’ll like him a lot

"Ignorance is strength" ...  you forgot that one... imagine my shock?

Save your book reading suggestions, idiot. Read that when I was 13.

If you have something to say with regard to my opinions, go right ahead? I'm rooting for you to come up with something good.

I'd suggest a reread, Max. You're no smarter now than when you were 13.   Idiot? Really? That's the best you can do? I'm sooo impressed.

That was to ANON who insulted me. Get a clue!

You have shown nothing but cry baby boomer bullshit and I remain unimpressed.

After you get over your confusion, answer the damn question that was posed to you, smart man????

Criminals don't care about the law so how would I be enabling anything?

So everybody whould have guns? Yeah. That's been working really well for you Max. It explains why there are more gun homicides in this country than in all other Part 1 countries put together.  Please. Make sense. Anyway, don't you have better things to do than publicize your ignorance?

Is that a question or an assumption? I see the ?, but it seems you heard what you wanted to hear since you cannot address the logic of my statement. Typical evasion and moving of the goal posts, a liberal favorite pastime.. Are we talking about enabling, or the stats regarding gun homicides around the world?

You could not put your ignorance on display any better than what you just did.

Buh by, Max. I'm sure there's a ward someplace for your ilk, but I've lost interest in your bullshit. Have wonderfuk day and try not to shoot anyone.

Guess what? You've become so boring you just got deleted {#basic-cool.gif}

And I doubt you will ever understand, as logic and true observation of facts and behavior have anything to do with it, from anything I have seen.  Everything you said about trump is obvious in the results that we are seeing with our image worldwide as well as the horrors we are seeing take place with in the contry.

But they see none of it.

That old song is starting to lose its appeal, epi. 

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