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Things You Learn On A Field Trip

Added: Wednesday, May 2nd 2012 at 7:30pm by emilily

Monday, Funny Bunny's class (and the other 3 first grade class) went to the zoo.  The LA Zoo.  Zeus and I got to chaperone.  And though Zeus isn't a board approved volunteer, he got to go if he agreed to drive himself.  We got to the school to drop off Funny Bunny, who had to ride the bus, and I got my group card and met up with the other board approved chaperon.  The best thing about the entire day(besides the fact that we got a family day) was that we only had 3 boys-whose parents were also chaperoning- and we didn't have to stay together as a class or school.  Zeus, the planner, knew we wouldn't be able to see the whole zoo, so we saw the animals that the people in our group requested.  And the zoo was quite educational.  In several ways.  So I decided to share what I've learned. As a parent, and a chaperon.


  • A bus ride to LA is a long ride.  A bus ride is forever during LA during rush hour.  Well, I can't say that I've taken said bus ride, but from the texts that I was getting, it wasn't fun.
  • The amount of energy that one 7 year old boy has is enough to wear down a perfectly healthy person in a few hours.  Now trap yourself in a zoo with 3 boys.  That's how I spent from 10-4.  Once those boys saw any given animal, they were off to the next one.
  • The zoo doesn't always have to be about learning something. One glimpse of any given animal, and they were satisfied.  Meanwhile, the dads had read every word on every sign.  So we the moms chased and "rounded up" the boys to head back to the dads.
  • There is always a time to be distracted.  The one time that the boys stopped and looked, the zebras decided it was time to mate.  Nice.  Let's just say that I was glad that the other 2 boys had their parents there to answer all the questions.  And boy did they ever have a bunch of questions. Zeus says he is still troubled by the whole incident.
  • The calmest time at the zoo is lunch time.  Of course  by the time that we parents got all the lunches served, sat down to eat ourselves, and got halfway done- the boys were ready to go again.  
  • Gift shops are evil.  Enough said.
  • Whoever thought of putting a playground in the middle of a zoo, on a hill, is nuts.  We let the boys play for about 20 minutes.  And no.  It didn't slow them down one bit.  But it was a nice break for me at least.  
  • It's hard to say all the scientific names of animals.  When you hear a 7 year old sound it out, it's hilarious.  And they sometimes make more of a sense than the what I got sounding it out.
  • If you think that rush hour to the zoo on the bus is bad, you don't want to go home with a bunch of first graders and over heated parents.  Or at least, that's what I hear.  Still glad that Zeus and I drove ourselves.
Overall, it was a great day.  Not too, too hot.  Sunny with a slight breeze.  The day was great.  The boys were good.  Only a slight reprimands.  You know, don't run in front of people.  Go around instead of through groups.  The usual. No big deal.  Plus, we made some friends too.  See, even parents can learn something new on a first grade fieldtrip. 

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