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Yet Another Appointment

Added: Friday, January 11th 2019 at 8:18am by ellie1142545

Geesh!  What is wrong with Dr. Sandman?!!  He told me, about the surgery, before I had it, about the film over the lens, that would never go away.

When I made an appointment with Dr. Sutton, to set up the surgery, he told me the same thing.  And both said, that "Nothing could be done for it," that I would just have to learn to live with it.  I've done pretty good living with it.  And now?

Progress check up, shows it there, causing haziness.  Of course, I knew that.  He then says, I need to set up another appointment with Dr. Sutton, to see if there's something else he can do, to clear the haziness.

So, the Nurse comes in, and calls to set up an appointment for me, which will be next month (the 19th), and told them when she was setting up the appointment that I WANTED TO KNOW (Lie!).  If it means more sugery, absolutely not.  I've had it with surgery!

I will kindly inform Dr. Sutton, that no thank you, if it comes to surgery.  I have learned to deal with the haziness, I don't need more surgery right now, or ever when it comes to that left eye of mine.


User Comments

They have to make the appointments to keep the cash coming in.

And Medicare, along with my Insurance Co. will keep paying out.

But.......Sis. Ellie, IF it will fix the problem then have the surgery. Bro. Doc

Brother Doc, no surgery will remove the film from the lens.  That's what caused the haziness, and, I'm living with it.  Not only that, Dr. Sutton, though he did a better job this time, the first time he rekmoved the scar tissue (from the same eye) he burned me, with the heat.  NO!  Not again!

Ok, but my mother did have film removed from her eye with something. Bro. Doc

e get more and more powerless every day! 

I hate that part of getting old,... AND, that part of End Times, too.

Has he given you a name for what is causing the blurring ? maybe you could join me in having Avastin injections, they seem to be using it for so many things these days.

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