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Will Be Having

Added: Tuesday, January 14th 2020 at 1:16pm by ellie1142545


Treatments with the Speech Therapist for a while.  Now I'm being scheduled for an x-ray, to show how the swallowing goes.

And with an ENT.  Due to the fact, that the Vocal Cord, that was rudely moved out of the way during the surgery may be paralyzed.  If so, then I'll be having speech Therapy for the long haul.


I sure hope not.  The last thing I want, is to spend the rest of my life eating applesauce, lol!


This morning Gary fixed up some of my favorite food (Salmon Patty), and he brought a big bite for me to try, while I was doing the study.  I broke it down in to smaller bites, and was able  to swallow it, with no problems.  Thinking of having a Salmon Patty, or 2 for supper tonight.  They are so good!


The visit with the Theripist will be every week, and she's set it up for Wednesday of next week so I'll b4e off line that day.  And again on Thursday, because I have an appointment with my Dr.


I sure hope that the treatments don't last very long, the exercises are hard to do, but they are helping.


Back tomorrow!


God Bless your evening!!


User Comments

Get prayed for and you will be healed Sis. Ellie. Bro. Doc

Prayers are surrounding me, Brother Doc. And they are working. 

You need to be prayed for with oil and anointed according to Heb. 5 and have hands laid on you dear Sis. Ellie. I know that pray is surrounding you. Bro. Doc

Good luck with your therapy, Ellie. Hopefully it won't be for the long haul and that eventually you can s l o w l y begin eating normally again even if you have to only have bite size portions.


PT was very helpful to GG! Hopefully for you too!

Prayers for you ellie, and I hope it is not long before you are feeling your old self again.

{#crosseyed.gif} {#puppy-eyes.gif} {#puppy-eyes.gif} {#what-the-oh-my.gif} I don't mean old as in old. {#crying.gif} {#crying.gif}

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