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Added: Thursday, May 16th 2019 at 10:22am by ellie1142545

Governor Kay Ivey, signed in to law, Human Life Protection Act.  Abortions are banned, unless it causes the woman, life or death conditions.  In other words abortion will be done, to save the life of the Mother-to-be.

Pat Robertson, of the 700 Club says she's gone too far.  He's an apposer of abortion rights, or is he?

Read the story here: www.foxnews.com/us/alabama-has-gone-too-far-with-extreme-abortion-bill-pat-robertson-says

State Senator Terry Collins (Republican) told Washington Post:  although she has sympathy for survivors and agrees “that rape and incest could be an exception in state law,” she has purposefully crafted the bill with a hard-line stance on abortion in hopes that it will make its way to the Supreme Court.

At least Alabama is moving in the right direction!

User Comments

Sounds like the most sane thing Pat Robertson had said in a while. Abortion is being exploited by companies that do it as a means of profit and the current economic crisis is not condusive nor an incentive for having kids. People are working and they can't make ends meet and the government need workers so they can't encourage abortions. Men also don't want children and some are fooling around with multiple women. We are seeing a total breakdown of the unwanted family.

Ellie do you watch any of the Evangelical programs? I often wonder about those that doing "healing" in an audience, but never go to a hospital... 

As to Alabama being on the right track???? All they have done is outlawed SAFE abortions, because if a woman wants an abortion, she is going to get it, and safe is much better than the alternative, but the MEN in the Alabama senate, has taken the safe out of the picture. 

I have not watched them in years Skip.  I understand about your wondering, if they are healed, yet never go to the hospital, or Dr.  I learned years ago, that those who receive "Healing," on T.V., are people who actually are well known by the Ministers, and are being paid to act.  I know that several Ministers got caught, doing fake "healing".

Has there been "healing" that's not televised?  Yes.  The healing has happened in  Churches, that do not have televised programs, and the Minister has told them to go to the Dr., to make sure they have been healed.  Reports from the Dr. has been pro or con, meaning some of those who claimed they were healed, were not.

And you are right, if the girl wants an abortion, she'll get it.  Safe has been taken out of it, unless the girl goes to someone who is not a Dr. And there are Dr.'s who will do abortions privately.

Parts of 700 club are worth watching.  That is: I record it and then watch what I like.  Exactly because: Pat Robertson has gone whiny, soft in the head, & idiotic on us...not just on this issue.

They need to reign him IN...

Don't have the 700 club down under.

You're lucky.  It's ten minutes of news and gospel followed by 20 minutes of trying to get you to send them your money, money, MONEY.

{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} Not this old chook...lol

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