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Added: Thursday, July 2nd 2020 at 3:41pm by ellie1142545

My glasses cost more, than what I get every month from Social Security.


The prism strength has weakened, so yes, I need new glasses.  I usually go 2 years, before I need new glasses, but this time, just a little over a year.  I started seeing double and knew I need to get a check up.


The frames were the cheapest they had there, and they were $30.00 more than the frames I have now.  I paid $160 dollars, for the ones I have now.  The new ones cost is $190 dollars, I got a promotional discount, and ended up paying only 145 for the frames alone.  The lens themselves came $353 dollars. 


I paid a total of $498 dollars for the glasses.  Ouch, that's $47 dollars more than I receive from S.S.  I sure hope the new pair lasts longer than a year!


God Bless your weekend!

User Comments

I don't know if you have Eye Mart in your area, but for what you need, it would have been about 150-175 for everything. Frames. And two pair of glass my friend got was just regular glasses with some magnification was 39.00. They look nice etc. Glasses are not cheap. Sounds like you might have prisoms in your your glasses. Bro. Doc

We have what is  called Ameican's Best.  They only handle regular glasses, which include Bifocal.  Special Glaswses, with prisms, etc.,  They don't, because it would cost them far more to have them processed then the $65.00 for 2 pairs, and they just won't do it.  Oh, and yes, from my statement, there are prisms.  It had to be made stronger.

I understand my mother has prisims. Here it is 39.00 for two pair from Eye-Mart even Bifocals. That is where I would get my glasses if I didn't do it through the VA. Bro. Doc

Tell them to open a store here!  I'd sure use them, if they were here.

I have not a clue where the Headquarters is. But I know it is not here. You are not military or were not. So that wouldn't work for you. I was talking about myself. That is where mine come from. Bro. Doc

Eyeglasses are one of those things I feel is way over priced since they know people value their eyesight to will pay the prices they charge.

I need to get in this year also since it's been two years.

I need to make an appt. and go get my eyes checked again.

Like I said before... Y O W ! ! !

Do they not have a program for helping people with the cost of glasses in your community? 

I wish.  We checked, but no.

When I know I need to get new glasses, I continue using the same frames over and over again. I have to pay $10 to reuse them, which is stupid but better than paying the cost of brand new frames.  There is nothing cheap about getting glasses, that's for sure!

Glasses are stupidly expensive and they do not need to be. When Tess goes home to the Philippines she always gets new glasses there and they cost a fraction of what they cost here.

Rule #1 is don't buy your glasses from your eye doctor. Look on line and order them from an on line supplier. First get your doctor to write you a prescription that includes your pupillary distance (PPD). That's the distance from the middle of one of your eyes to the middle of your other eye.

$498 Is a RIDICULOUS price to pay for glasses. I got my husband's on line for $144.85. and that's only because he insists on progressive no line multi-focal transitional lenses. When I was wearing glasses (I no longe need to wear glasses), I didn't pay nearly that much because I ordered a simple wire frame and plain lenses. 

A good place to look is Zennioptical.com. They have a big selection of frames to choose from, including wire frames or decorative plastic frames. 

I won't use my credit card on line.  If my glasses were not special (with prisms), they would have cost me less then $200.  I have double vision, that is worse than most people, who have it.  If I look at a square, instead of seeing it one slightly above or to the side of the other, I see 2 complete squares, side by side spaced about 1 and a half inch apart.

I'm sure you could find an on line supplier that could manage that but if you're afraid to use your card ... 

Tell me, what's the difference between using your card on line and giving it to some brick and mortar store that gets hacked? Their transactions go on line too through some bank. 

On line, they still your identity.  If, by chance, Walmart gets hacked, the bank is on it, and will cancel out my credit card and send a new one.

At Walmart, when I use my credit card, at the same second I use it, the bank knows it.

The bank knows it when you use it on line too, especially when you use it on Pay Pal, but that doesn't mean the store/on line vendor won't get hacked.

Let's do it this way.  You make an order on line, not much, but enough.  It takes a few days to wherer the bank responds.   A few weeks later another order is made, this one is quite a lot, a a matter of fact, it almost empties your account, if the card your using is debit, or it almost max out your credit card.  And again, it takes a few days for the  bank to respond.  You don't know it, until yu get your next bank/credit card statement.  You'll have to prove that it wasn't you.  But you'll eventually get the money back.

Another scene.  You only shop at certain stores in your area.   You never go over a cetain amount of money.  In my case I never spend over $225, during my monthly shopping, at one time.  If anything is charged to my card, any time after the 3rd of the month, or the 4th, if the 3rd falls on the weekend, the bank is alert, and will call me, to ask if I made the charge, before they put it through.  I know this for a fact, because it has happened, so far only once in the over 20 years I've been at the bank. 

Not only that, you can't set a limit on credit cards, used on line, meaning if you reach a certain amount on your card, it will  be declined, no matter where you use it, and those who sell on line really don't like it.  I have a limit set on my card.  And I'm keeping it.

That can happen when you use your card at a store too. Banks have feelers EVERYWHERE.

WOW that's a lot of money, but, just think I bet they look nice, and you won't need another pair for another year or more. {#basic-cool.gif}

I usually go over 2 years.  This time it was just slightly  over 1 year.  I'm hoping they last longer this time.

Fingers and toes crossed.

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